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The Internet

Submission + - Ron Paul on Daily Show thanks to rabid supporters (

policy writes: "Ron Paul fans have been making so much noise online that he has become one of the most popular names on the Internet. He has even bested the likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan on Technorati! Recently, supporters rallied around Ron Paul and urged Jon Stewart to interview the candidate well they got their wish, Ron Paul on Daily Show. This upcoming 2008 election is going to be wild, and the Internet may very well revolutionize United States politics and political discourse in America!"

Comment Re:Gee.. (Score 3, Insightful) 271

To be fair, if you ever read Bill Gate's book "The road ahead" (I was a naive young man, I know) he actually predicted and discussed a lot of the technology and ideas that we are seeing sprout up. I'm not a Microsoft troll or anything, so don't flame me! I just wanted to point out that there isn't much room for innovation these days due to corporate hierarchies and management issues. Most of these exciting technologies have been on paper and in the minds of visionaries for years, even decades. Thankfully, the big boys are hard at work trying to compete over the "next big thing." Nothing wrong with that! If you want innovation, take a look at the smaller silicon valley companies or startups that are producing the fun and addictive apps you use on a regular basis! :)
United States

Submission + - Politically charged Rev. Jerry Falwell died, today

policy writes: "Rev. Jerry Falwell collapsed at his campus office and died Tuesday. Falwell was an Evangelical Christian with tremendous influence on politics and religion. Rev. Jerry Falwell helped convert the religious right into a major political force in the U.S. and he was able to successfully use television to transform the smaller sect of Christianity into arguably the loudest and most influential group over the last decade. Evangelical Christians are highly recognized for their effort and success in helping elect President George W. Bush into office. Falwell was 73 when he died."

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