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Comment Re:Oracle is doing everything they can to fuck up (Score 3, Insightful) 641

As I understand it, when the open source version gets adopted by a voluntarily group of individuals that keep developing the open source version, it might be forked pretty soon, so nothing of value would be lost.

As for the commercial version, that is probably gonna end like many other Oracle products, that got forgotten. I'll linger around in Oracle's inventory, but nobody will care much about it. Also, the fork might overshadow the commercial version in a couple of months, since performance tunes, are not exclusive to Oracle programmers...

Comment Uh, watever, just migrate to Python, Perl6, Lua... (Score 2, Interesting) 641

It's out of question, that this will kill Java as preferred language in academia and science.

But who cares, really? There are other languages, that would be a more than adequate "replacement" - if I may call it that - for Java.
So professors will have to teach Python in university, how is that something bad?

Java was chosen a few years back, because it was modern and cross platform, but that is Python as well. I also suggested using Lua in academia. For teaching programming and data structures, this is arguably one of the favorable languages.

I'm a Perl developer, so I'll wait and see what happens with Perl6...

Comment What about Abiword, Gnumeric, etc? (Score 1) 480

I remember what I've gone through, when working with documents, where compatibility to Microsoft Office is needed.
OO.o was not really an alternative, I've had the best results with Abiword, when using Word documents.

Is it realistic to search for a complete office suite like MS Office? Wouldn't it make more sense to collect different applications that perform in their task the best?
Like, Abiword is a contender to Word, Gnumeric to Excell, etc...

Comment Re:Yeah, right! (Score 1) 293

Nope. You've never seen those Anime/Manga people I assume.

What Ubuntu is reaching out to, are 16.000 mostly obese, antisocial men (and a few women), that dress like their favourite character, even though they should weigh about 1/4 of their actual weight to even resemble their characters physique!
Yes, they're clueless, but what you're referring to, are hipsters. People who have sexual fantasies with drawn characters, and spend all day watching Anime and reading Manga are "oh-so-creative"? Some of them doodle, but once they're told their "work" looks like a drawing of a 3 year old that suffers from ADHS, they stop.

Alright, I am Into Anime and Manga, but I keep it in secrecy. I don't want to blend with what Ubuntu is reaching out to right now.
I don't really like the Idea that they're forcing that subculture into Ubuntu. It looks like they're trying to hop on that OS-tan train, that Microsoft is riding on right now.

But metrosexuals, is not what they're gonna get!

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