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Comment Re:Schneider/Amstrad CPC 6128 (Score 1) 856

I had an Amstrad CPC464, a little less advanced than the 6128. It had 64Kb of RAM instead of 128 and a built in cassette recorder for storage instead of a built in disk drive. I was 12 when I got it, and I learned programming (and improved my English exponentially) from the manual. I'm still amazed with myself when I remember that I had programmed my first working shoot-em-up game 3 weeks after I got it. Most of my friends had Commodore 64s of course, and I rememember being frustrated when my point that the Amstrad's Z80 processor was 4 times faster than the 1MHz MOS 6510 didn't seem to impress them at all.

Submission + - Norwegian Oil Fund Asked to Consdier if Facebook is Unetical 2

polemistes writes: During the last few weeks there has been an uproar (this is in English) in Norwegian media about Facebook censorship. It started with writer Tom Egeland posting the iconic 1972 photo of Kim Phuc, running from a napalm bomb. Facebook decided that the nudity in the photo could be offensive, so they deleted it. When Egeland posted to criticise the censorship, the whole post was deleted. A major internet news site wrote about it, and the editor shared his article on Facebook, and was blocked for 24 hours. Now the Norwegian Press Association has asked the ethics committee of the Norwegain Oil Fund, who has invested about $1.6 billion in Facebook, to consider whether Facebook is acting unethically. If they are found to do so, the fund will have to withdraw their investments, because its strict ethical code. As a side-note:The google-translated article also censors the photo.

Comment Re:Linux, Arch ("pacman based") (Score 1) 599

Yes, it is silly to divide Linux by distribution, and even sillier by packaging system. It's like having options for "Windows - Edge based" and "IE based", with no option for "Firefox". I've had Arch on all my computers since 2003. But since I wrote a script and put it in /usr/bin without packaging it, it might not qualify as "pacman based".


Submission + - Microsoft Office 2013 not compatible with Windows XP, Vista (paritynews.com) 2

hypnosec writes: The newly unveiled productivity suite from Microsoft, Office 2013, won’t be running on older operating systems like Windows XP and Vista it has been revealed. Office 2013 is said to be only compatible with PCs, laptops or tablets that are running on the latest version of Windows i.e. either Windows 7 or not yet released Windows 8. According to a systems requirements page for Microsoft for Office 2013 customer preview, the Office 2010 successor is only compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012. This was confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson. Further the minimum requirements states that systems need to be equipped with at least a 1 GHz processor and should have 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit systems or 2 GB for 64-bit hardware. The minimum storage space that should be available is 3 GB along with a DirectX 10-compatible graphics card for users wanting hardware acceleration.

Submission + - McDonald's Denies Prof's Claim Staff Attacked Him For Wearing Computer Eyepiece (forbes.com)

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: In an update to a story posted on Slashdot earlier this week, McDonald's has responded to the claims of Steve Mann, a University of Toronto professor and augmented reality pioneer who says McDonald's staff in Paris assaulted him tried to pull off a computer eyepiece he's worn for decades, then threw him out of the restaurant. McDonald's confirms that Mann was ejected from the premises, but denies that there was a "physical altercation" with staff or that they destroyed any of his property. That last claim is especially dubious, since Mann has posted photos taken from his eyepiece that show McDonald's staff ripping up a doctor's note that he showed them to explain his need to wear the device.

The company still hasn't explained why Mann was removed from the restaurant, but Mann has speculated that it has a policy against recording.

Comment Re:txt file (Score 2) 366

Yes, org-mode is definetly the best solution for organizing information that I have found. It's extremely simple and flexible. It makes it possible for me to do almost everything in Emacs. I use vm for email, ledger for accounting, I write most of my documents in org-mode and export to pdf through latex.

Of course org-mode and the other text and emacs related solutions doesn't take care of all my information processing needs, but almost. For photos, videos and music I use the old fashioned descriptive file name in a good directory strycture method. My hand written notes, however, are more difficult to take care of. I have a drawer (physical one) for them, but I wouldn't call that coping with the information.

Submission + - Asus announces Bang & Olufsen collaboration la (pcper.com)

JakeSquared writes: Asus has announced a stylish new notebook computer based on a collaboration with high-end audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. Could finally be some decent audio for laptop computers. Remains to be seen if it will have a B&O price tag.

Submission + - Intel's compilers must not favor Intel products (coding-guidelines.com)

derek_farn writes: "The FTC have filed an antitrust complaint against Intel that requires them to release an updated version of their compilers that do not check whether the compiled code is executing on a "GenuineIntel" processor before deciding whether to go down a go-faster path that makes maximal use of the available processor resources, or a path containing a generic sequence of instructions (which are potentially much slower). The Intel settlement with AMD seems to cover the issue, but perhaps the Intel lawyers have another view. Intel could probably remove the GenuineIntel check without overly effecting their sales"

Submission + - International Domain Applications Rolling In (internetnews.com)

darthcamaro writes: We've covered the initial announcement last year about ICANN approving the process of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), but that was just the announcement. Six weeks later, ICANN is now revealingprecisely how many applications they've received, but no word just yet on which country will be the first to get their own domain name in their own (non-Latin) language character set.

"So far we have received 16 applications, and they are spread across six different languages," Tina Dam, senior director of IDNs at ICANN, told InternetNews.com. ".."A lot of countries have been excited to be first ones up, but there are so many countries in preparations where this will be a really big thing for them and all will be great milestones."


Submission + - Microsoft reveals Office 2010 retail prices (arstechnica.com)

Tony writes: Microsoft has revealed Office 2010 pricing for Home and Student, Home and Business, Professional, and Professional Academic editions. Office will come in both boxed versions and "key card" versions that have no media.

Submission + - Google's Islam Censor (atheists.org) 5

codewarren writes: Google (US and UK at least) appear to be censoring suggestions for searches starting with "Islam Is". Go to Google, try typing "Christianity is" and seeing the suggestions of a lie, bullshit, false, etc... Try Hinduism, Judaism, etc... similar. Then try "Islam is" and there are absolutely no suggestions.

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