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Comment Re:Nah, Linux was pretty stable at that time. (Score 1) 472

At that time I had a Slackware Linux system in my office that was running for a straight 657 days until I stopped it to put in another disk drive and it ran for another 285 days until I stopped it again to move offices.. The Win95 box that the university insisted I use because of Excell and Word only crashed when I typed on it. I had to shut it down almost every day. If I didn't, it reminded me.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 2) 297

I agree. I went to a really good school, whose reputation may have now somewhat subsided. I did CS security research for many years, authored world wide standards, finished a PhD, and grant funding got cut, and out I went. I can program Java, Android, develop back end systems, develop languages, do very good security analysis PhD in Security, but I can't get by a 20 something recruiter who thinks I'm overqualified and/or too old (in my 50s). I get stuck teaching CS at an Adjunct level (read $8/hr) at a local college. My students. who are upperclassmen, are horrible. It's not that they just know anything, they can't think their way out of a wet paper bag if their life depended on it. They have to be tutored in everything. Is this the stuff coming out of high schools?

I keep thinking I have to move to California, Boston, or DC, and/or work for some government contractor making bombs. But, I'm not so sure it's going to be different.

Yeah, I know, the only way to go is to start your own business, but I don't want to run it. That's boring. I just want to build interesting stuff.

Comment Licenses (Score 1) 192

Patents used to be used to publish ones work on how to do a particular thing, get the credit for it, and be offered some license by organizations that wanted to use your idea. There needs to be some reforms to the patent system in the US, but I doubt that will happened because of the money given to the politicians. However, I would like three see two main changes. 1. Patents cannot be sold. They belong to the authors in perpetuity. They do not belong the companies who paid the lawyers and the talent. It is the property of the authors, i.e. the inventors. That way, companies will not put huge amounts of resources into patents. 2. Only non-exclusive licenses can be issued on the inventions, as they use the patent system to make their work public. 3. License fees cannot be prohibitive. How one regulates this, I don't know. Of course, there are probably legal loopholes to get around this and game the system. But alas, nothing will change.

NASA Parodies Reach New Level of Awkwardness 28

MMBK writes "NASA TV recently produced six movie-trailer parodies about current projects for a 'themed exhibit at an international conference.' But for the most part, the attempt remains pretty corny, far, far away from the imaginative, inspiring work of space artists like Bruce McCall."

Comment Just use NFS (Score 1) 516

I have my media in my upstairs office on a Linux box. My media player is a standard Shuttle with a projector in my downstairs living room. Forget SMB CIFS or Windows Too Slow. I expose my media over NFS. At the player I use VLC or Elana or MythTV to play files directly off the NFS mounted partition. And it's over a Wireless adapter.. And I've got pretty old Wireless stuff (802.11b). So, I get a very occasional buffer run out, which causes a freeze for a second or so, but then starts up without a hitch. I can solve that problem by running a wire downstairs or upgrading my wireless router and network adapter, but I'll live with it.

Comment Re:Your credentials don't get you the job... (Score 1) 1057

There are better way, like talking to the friggin interviewee! There was one interview I went on for a government contracting firm (go figure), where I didn't have to give a technical presentation. And the interviewer had the audacity to ask me questions like "When is it okay to lie?", and "If you could invite 5 people to dinner, alive or dead, who would they be?". Little would I figure that he even had the ability or credentials to evaluate answers to such questions. Needless to say, I walked out of there laughing, and gave up on government contracting firms. I make my interviewees give a technical presentation, when then fosters a technical discussion. I can then easily discern their abilities rather quickly.

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