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Comment In this thread...... (Score 3, Funny) 284

anecdotal evidence of single experiences are given as credible information. One laptop != significant indication of reliability, or lack there of. We've got a couple nVidia-equipped machines that are working fine too, but that doesn't mean there isn't a problem, despite my vast Lion user base of four users currently testing the OS.

Comment Re:Ubuntu (Score 3, Informative) 55

You are using of course LTS for your servers, right? Because otherwise it would be stupid... So, is 3 years support not enough for you?

Actually, Ubuntu LTS server is five years. In fact, 6.06LTS server support is just wrapping up this June. Desktop versions of LTS are three years.

Comment I don't don't know about other IT departments, but (Score 1) 1307

My current IT department, in addition to every IT department I've worked with in the last ten years, would be pretty damn pissed that you took it upon yourself to set up your own server and stick it on a network we're responsible for, to the point of our jobs being on the line. So yeah, give them the password. Then explain to the accounting department and purchasing department why you didn't go through the proper channels there, either.

Comment Re:I really miss record stores and (small) booksto (Score 2) 108

Yeah, I agree. It's kinda like that with musical instrument stores. I'm a guitar player too, so inevitably I find myself browsing the online sites, or going to Guitar Center or whatever. But nothing beats going into a small family-owned shop and talking to some guy who really loves music, loves playing guitars, and doesn't pull the "used car salesman" BS like the big box stores do.

Comment I really miss record stores and (small) bookstores (Score 3, Interesting) 108

I really miss the one shop record stores, even as they transitioned from vinyl to CD. There's just something about flipping through the disks, looking at the covers, checking out all the knicknack crap they'd have, T-Shirts, posters, etc. For bookstores (not the mega stores) it was always awesome to go through their collections, grab a paperback and a magazine, and then go grab a cup of coffee. Borders and B&N commercialized and neutered that experience, and Amazon obliterated it. I guess it's our own fault though; the public's continued demand for speed and convenience seems to always outweigh the experience. Like comparing a nice train ride to a flight. I'm really not that old, honest. ;)

Comment Re:The opposite??? (Score 1) 417

There are no viruses in the wild for OS X. There are, however, Trojans in the wild. Not the same thing. However Apple users by and large are quite arrogant and care-free about the security of their OS, and IMO are just asking for it. BTW, you can easily run OS X in a non-admin account without issue, which is more than can be said for Windows 7, which is irritating as all hell unless you run as an admin. At least OS X has that going for it.

Comment Re:Am I reading this correctly? (Score 4, Informative) 417

The wording is indeed poor. Charlie Miller (made famous by Pwn2Own, hacking OS X and iOS) has stated several times that OS X is not more secure than Windows, it is safer. Safer != Secure. He goes on to say he prefers OS X, and still recommends it over Windows. Would you rather be the guy wearing a bullet proof vest running into gun fire, or the guy wearing just a T-shirt, but not even in the same county? Until OS X reaches a level of market penetration that Windows has, it'll continue to be less attractive to hackers for profit. Sorry OS X users (myself included): our OS isn't the most secure out there. Security by obscurity isn't security.

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