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Comment Typical British government rubbish (Score 2) 278

This entire scheme is crazy. Why?

Number one: not everyone has a computer in the UK believe it or not, particularly the over 40's.

Number two: every government run JobXYZ service only has minimum wage crap which is usually supported by government schemes or has chains of hundreds of applicants. Hiding these jobs behind a web site is just going to hide the problem.

Number three: it's obviously a cost cutting exercise so they can stick some more booths in the JobCentre sites and get rid of more staff.

Number four: There aren't actually enough positions to fill in the UK. We've automated or contracted everything out to other countries. People will be unemployed as they are not needed to keep the cogs oiled. Solving the employment problem in the UK is only possible by loom smashing now.

Number five: the government manage to screw up every IT project out there. This will be another victim.


Comment Terrible solutions have been proposed (Score 1) 254

Realistically, CAS functionality is easier on paper and do you really need graphing? If you actually know what you are doing, pen, paper and a 15 year old Casio scientific is enough for pretty much everything. Failing that, grab a TI Nspire CAS. Very fast, does more than a TI84 or TI89. I use an HP50g myself but that's a different beast and my primary use case is RPL. Don't use a computer - you can't just grab it, use it and put it down.

Comment firewalls! (Score 4, Informative) 104

Everyone knows about the holes, including the manufacturers. They're designed to operate on controlled, private networks. Every time someone gets hacked, they should go after the implementors, not the vendors as they should factor security onto their site designs. I'm not excusing the manufacturers, just people need to know this is engineering and not infosec - people buy black boxes which do stuff and that's all that matters to them.

Comment Re:Wtf has capitalism got to do with it? (Score 1) 222

Considering the economic model drives the social outcome, particularly where capital is pushed to controlling class, I'm pretty much on the dot. I did economics back in the distant past, so I'm not ignorant of how everything slots together.

These firms are very quiet about what they really do. The job description, company web site and agent were all pointing to something different. They were also pretty much avoiding trying to tell me what the job involved as well.

Oh the shock of the moral high ground.

Comment Re:I could have worked for one of these outfits (Score 1) 222

Well not strictly true. I'm not sure the Western propaganda is "fit for purpose" and derives from the cold war paranoia. They did some horrible things (just like the US and UK governments for example and the whole perpetual state of war), but they were mostly quite reasonable apparently[1]. My father, an ex East German shouted much worse things than that at them in 1976 after pissing up the side of a Stasi vehicle and getting arrested. As a repeated offender, he was gently booted over the border to West Germany then to the UK and lived in relative comfort until I came along and ruined it for him! He's always bitter that they kept his television as it took him 5 years to save up for it.

[1] My comment towards the prospective employer was to rile them up about it rather than be factual.

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