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Comment Re:Other side of the airtight hatchway (Score 1) 162

The issue for installers is that "the directory from which the application loaded" is the Downloads directory, not somewhere secure like c:\program files. This directory, which is not necessarily the current directory, is still first in the search order even when Safe DLL Search Mode is enabled.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 221

Germany is a nett exporter of electricity, and is exporting more than ever before. German solar PV in the south is reportedly greatly aiding the French, who are being asked to conserve power in the middle of winter.

Comment Re:People want cheaper tablets (Score 1) 657

It's simple accounting. Google makes money off Android whether they sell a tablet that contains it or not. Apple, on the other hand, has to pay their development costs through device sales. Similarly the overhead of Apple store real estate and employee costs has to be paid for by device sales, where else do you think their revenue per employee comes from?

Comment Re:People want cheaper tablets (Score 1) 657

Google's overheads for this product are much, much lower than Apple's. No glitzy stores, free operating system, minimal hardware development costs, and either direct sales or channel sales of the higher-margin 16GB product only.

So, it seems likely that Google is making a profit, just not a massive one, and this is likely to increase as components get cheaper. The Kindle Fire's cost of manufacture is down to $139 now, so they are no longer subsidizing either.

Comment Re:People want cheaper tablets (Score 3, Informative) 657

Thats not the point of the article. Its because Google and Amazon are subsidizing the cost of their tablets so much that the consumers are expecting other manufactures to do so.

Google aren't subsidizing anything at these prices. According to Forbes, "The $199 Nexus 7 8 GB variant costs exactly $151.75 to build while the $249 Nexus 7 16 GB variant costs $159.25. This implies gross margins of nearly 25% to 35% for the device, which are closer to what Apple makes on each iPad." Apple's gross margin on the "new iPad" is around 20%.

Comment Re:I read it on Firefox (Score 2) 507

Chrome not being able to bookmark all tabs to a folder is a serious deficiency that prevents me from saving sets of links that are the result of possibly lengthy research. Another constant annoyance is Chrome saving all files to Downloads instead of giving me the option to open.

Bookmarking all tabs is right-click on any tab, Bookmark All Tabs. Prompt for download location is a setting in Tools, Options, Under the Hood.

Comment Re:Ack! (Score 1) 177

The Samsung Galaxy S has had Bluetooth HID support for keyboard and mouse since Android 2.2. I've been using it with Bluetooth SPP since version 2.1, but it has a quirk where it won't connect to a serial device with class of service = 0, not sure if they've fixed that yet.

The Galaxy S doesn't use the Bluez stack, it uses some Broadcom closed-source code instead. It doesn't support L2CAP so you can't use Wiimotes.

Comment Re:Really, Flash Destroyer the best example? (Score 2) 48

A good digital scope costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so as a hobbyist I can't really justify that, but a $30 Logic Shrimp is just fine. I'm using it instead of a scope to do basic viewing of suspect or undocumented signals. When some pulse-width code driving a servo on a PIC32 wasn't working, for example, it was a useful check on exactly what was being generated.

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