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Comment Re:It's not about the engine (Score 1) 274

The database might be the definitive factor. The data that Watson worked from was likely subject to an editorial review for validity. "Teh Interwebs" has truly hit or miss info. What could the Watson automaton possibly do with it? He needs to work more from a "Britannica" data-set, than a "Wikipedia" data-set. I think the allure might be the idea of filtering results FROM page-rank search THROUGH Watson, for verification. Is this the CORRECT answer to my question? I also liked the comment that Watson couldn't scale from one query at a time to millions every minute. My idea of a question? "Watson: A butterfly has just flapped it's wings. Will there be a hurricane, and if so, where and when will it occur?"

Comment Re:There you have it, folks... (Score 1) 411

The Welfare State has met the Police State. If the two-party system is broken, would a third party help? If you make "leftist," and "rightist" two extremes of a continuum, then any lie you tell to get in power has no accountability under a two-party model: you're in power. But if we, as Americans, revive the Federalist Party, then the two loser (honest?) parties can band together to hold the winner-spender party accountable. By contrast, anarchy would put the head of household in charge of securing his (or her) possessions against: The Russian Mafia The Jewish Mafia The Italian Mafia The Isreali Mossad The Triads The Yakuza The Bloods The Crips The Zetas The FARC The Hells Angels The US Jack Booted Thugs 3 Letter Agency of serving warrants... no WAIT! We SOLVED that one. No more jack booted thugs Woohoo!!!! "I feel safer..."

Submission + - China: Reducing reserve ratio to loan more money? (

pointless_hack writes: "On Friday, May 12th, the Wall Street Journal announced that China will have access to the US Banking system in the capacity of lenders. -> I speculate that they will leverage a reserve ratio more generous than anything they enjoy at home in China. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they are actually LOWERING THEIR OWN reserve ratio THE SAME DAY! -> (Reuters links go stale in two weeks so they can monetize.) This boggles my imagination for this reason: if I had $700 M_illion per year, of pure profit, to invest, I would need literally two $1 Million dollar investment opportunities EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR, to invest it all."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot (

pointless_hack writes: "How good is the idea of a CAPTCHA instead of a default root password, on an UBUNTU system?

Pro: It would defeat many black hat installs, without coercing user forgotten p'words.

Con: It still would not address installs blessed by random RSA CERTS from indiscriminate browsers.

Link is straight up an ad for"

Submission + - A Computer Program to Detect Possible Cheating in Chess (

jeffrlamb writes: "Cheating in live chess matches — fueled by powerful computer programs that play better than people do, as well as sophisticated communication technologies — is becoming a big problem for world championship chess.
Kenneth W. Regan is attempting to construct a mathematical proof to see if someone cheated, the trouble is that so many variables and outliers must be taken into account. Modeling and factoring human behavior in competition turns out to be very difficult."


Submission + - Toll roads make a comeback? ( 1

pointless_hack writes: "Historically, toll roads were all we had. We built the Interstate Highway system to make business more efficient and lower barriers of entry. I expect that only human judgment can keep toll fees fair. Variable rates seem like an invitation to abuse."

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