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Submission + - SPAM: How to Develop Kidsâ(TM) Brain

poetri writes: How to Develop Kids’ Brain
Do you know that when you are nursing your children, you are actually shaping and determining the health of your children? Well, we are talking about the mental health of your children here. Therefore, it is very important for you to consider the way how you treat your children when you are nursing them.

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Submission + - Why are you unhappy? (blogspot.com)

poetri writes: "There are various ways to be able to feel happiness. You can feel happy when desires and your goals are met. You are happy when you are in good health and illness are not given by the Almighty. You are happy when you and your family needs can be met. You are happy when your partner is so loving and loves you. And many more things that can bring tru"

Submission + - LastPass: Compromised Databse or Overreaction? (ibtimes.com)

RedEaredSlider writes: Last Pass, which provides users with one password that stores all of their passwords on a server, says its database may have been hacked. The company reported a network traffic anomaly for a few minutes from one of its non-critical machines. After further research, Last Pass found a similar anomaly in one of its other databases in the opposite direction.

While typically this kind of anomaly is an employee or an automated script, the root cause may have been something more devious, Last Pass says. "We're going to be paranoid and assume the worst: that the data we stored in the database was somehow accessed," the company wrote in its blog recently.

However before people went into hysterics, the company quickly noted that because of the size of the transfer, it is unlikely that a lot of data would have been taken.

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