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Comment Re:read the polls (Score 1) 644

So much this. HRC doesn't care about the law, much less a piece of document that has no legal status whatsoever. Is there a law about secure communication while holding a public office? Yes, and she broke that law. Is there a law saying the candidates must follow through with their party's platform agenda? No. She can't even be bothered with following laws in the public office, what makes anyone believe that she will actually follow through with that promise once in office?

Also, does anyone think the Clintons are real-life Underwoods? Both couples are southern democrats drunk with power. Both wives that have been more than just first-ladies. Yes, I know House of Cards was originally a British series.

Comment Re:Another sign NASA is circling the drain ... (Score 3) 160

There is rarely a better job than the federal government, if you can get in that is. Rather than take the best and brightest, they have a black hole of a job portal called Think about applying to private sector jobs is painful? Try applying for federal jobs. Jobs are posted six months ahead so you just sit there wondering if you made it to the next round. And it's kind of like applying to college. You don't know why you got rejected because the skills they are looking for are not very well defined.

Comment Re:Technical People (Score 3, Insightful) 194

Agile is not about not needing requirements. It's about the fact that any complex project will have requirement changes and the project and the people on the project need to deal with those changes quickly. It's like that saying, "the only constant in the world is change." Rather than avoiding change and try to spec out everything in advance (which cannot be done), embrace it and deal with it so it minimizes disruption.

There are meetings to gather requirements, but those meetings are two-way; you also present and let clients play around with whatever you have and gather feedback and incorporating those feedback into the next iteration. By the time you deliver the product, there shouldn't be any surprises to the client about how the product behaves. Both parties are happy with their experience.

Comment is auto a mistake in C++11 (Score 1) 427

The auto keyword in C++11 makes writing code a hair faster but makes maintaining code much harder. It was seen as a great feature so programmers don't have to write out long and messy template class declarations, but I feel that it makes code maintenance a nightmare. Instead of knowing exactly what is being returned, the code that abuses "auto" makes the maintainer have to track down the function signature and then find the return type. Coupled with less than perfect (and much worse compared to C# and Java) IDE support for source code, it kills productivity. What is your view on the auto keyword?

Comment How many affected are H1-Bs? (Score 2) 383

During several rounds of layoffs I experienced in 2009, all of the workers laid off were non-H1-B holders. H1-Bs have better job security than their American counterparts (until they get their green card). I won't be surprised that the 18,000 are going to be either Western European or Americans. Hey at least in Western Europe they have better social services and losing your job won't be the end of your health care and other necessary services. America? Fuck it, you are out on the streets if you didn't save like a hawk. In this economy, finding a job will be very difficult, especially with that many hitting the streets at once.

Get rid of the dead weight and retrain the rest. You won't ever need H1-B to fill any jobs if your workforce is always trained and on the cutting edge.

Comment Re:It will never work (Score 1) 548

Girls like to find good mates, like we all do. Is sitting in front of the computer all day and only interacting with socially awkward nerds through IM going to help them? No. Is being a part of a marketing team working on a big marketing project and meeting with clients and co-workers going to help them? Much more so than the former. Making money isn't the end-all-be-all measure of work satisfaction, especially for women. Men are deluded to think that money==power==pussy, but it's much more than that to most women. Otherwise most of us would have incredibly hot wives and girlfriends.

Comment Re:seems like a back door (Score 1) 566

You seem to confirm my theory that it is easier to land a job as a H1-B than as a US citizen.

Could it be that H1-Bs have firmly and thoroughly infiltrated the corporate world that the hiring manager would prefer to hire someone of their race, religion, culture, etc? Or that because of the corporations and managers are willing to shell out the excessive amount of money to hire a foreigner over an American for guaranteed six years of service and no job hopping? Turn overs are expensive. It takes probably one year for someone regardless of background to get completely up to speed. If that person leave at the end of one year, I wouldn't have gotten back my return on investment. But six, and at which point you can hire someone cheaper to start over, sure, that sounds a lot better!

We all know that the white HR team have no say in who the manager decides to hire. The manager at this point in time is more likely going to be a) Indian or b) white but thoroughly believes in saving his own ass by hiring replaceable H1-Bs.

Comment Re:AWS is NOT cheap (Score 1) 146

That's great that your service is 1/4 the cost of AWS, but do you have a data center in Europe that I can run my apps on? How about South America, Asia Pacific? Yeah, it may cost more, but I get to have my apps and services running in all major geographies so that customer can actually have a good experience. Can you provide that kind of service at your current price point?

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