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Comment Why not both? (Score 1) 196

My boss, who can't listen to a complete sentence about computers without annoyance and says he can't learn to use a computer because he "can't work the mouse"... this week told me he wants to get a "portal" so he can use the internet. I said, you want a ...what?!! He meant he wants a wireless appliance, so he can skip the learning curve and just click a button that "knows" what he wants and just *be* there on the net. That's why wireless is exciting to CEOs like this one... cause lots of ordinary people feel exactly like my boss... I don't, but I still want to be ambulatory with the net. That doesn't mean I'll toss my PC out... Wireless doesn't have to replace PCs...just be something really handy in addition, the same way radio wasn't killed by TV... I wrote an article on ebooks in the current "Vocabula Review" that, at the end, talks a bit about how wonderful to be able NOT to have to sit at the PC for certain kinds of things, like reading an ebook and the article towards the end shows an example of the advantages of being set free from the PC. If you continue the picture in your own mind, and start thinking of real-life uses for wireless for everyday people (the article was only talking about what ebooks can soon or already do that print books can't and was targetted toward non-tech-oriented writers and epublishers), I think you'll understand what the TI CEO is visualizing.

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