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Comment Analog is going digital (Score 1) 236

I am an analog designer and i crave for the fastest digital inverters because we work on time domain (phase domain) processing on information using vcos and delay lines so old logic that digital is winning because of scaling advantages dont hold no more . The better the time resolution the more accurate our "analogue" ADCs , PLLs, DLLs , IO gets .

Comment 3G to Wifi Voip (Score 1) 245

My home has no cellular network inside which makes my life very difficult .. All the booster devices capture, boost and re-transmit the signal causing all the interference menace while enabling me to get facility of voice calls .. the purpose of getting voice call connectivity can be served if a device can intercept my incoming calls and transfer it as voip call of some sort on my phone .. this system wont have any interference issue and i get voice calls .. Is there such a device ?

Comment Re:From the Article (Score 1) 229

Hmm .. My guess is it is targeted at an enterprise than an individual .. because if an individual install something the payload doesn't see light .. However in an enterprise they tend to preload their new machines with an OS image with a common utility set it may work as machines are always added as part of hiring or upgrade .. May be we just need to test against the few machines in that obscure "nuke facility" in "wadiya" .. :)

Comment People there are used to this (Score 3, Interesting) 413

The media is giving a lot of hype to this .. and half the nation is a big number and and grid is a big thing so i guess its important .. but India always had power shortage ..Bangalore used to have 6 hours load shedding in summers every day in city and 12 hours in rural .. but life just moves on .. it never really mattered .. almost every apartment has backup power generators and same with corporate offices as power is not so reliable .. and for others who dont have backup its not critical and no power means slight inconvenience .. nothing comes to standstill .. not even traffic light breakdown .. really those never worked and no one followed them anyways .. India is like that .. i am not proud of this and i am an indian .. i am just telling its no big deal .. and regarding the uprising this .. unless its on the final over of world cup india is wining .. no chance .. we are peaceful creatures ..

Submission + - Just $10M keeping Intel's "Red Neck Rocket Scientist" from reaching space ( 1

McGruber writes: The Arizona Republic ( has an update on Morris Jarvis, a Project Manager at Intel who also happens to Space Transport and Recovery (STAR) Systems, a commercial space-travel company, out of his east Mesa, Arizona home.

Jarvis has built the Hermes (, a prototype, proof-of-concept model of a space shuttle, that is 27 feet long with a 21-foot wingspan. He believes that if he were to receive $10 million today, he could have the first test launch in a year.

Jarvis "envisions two tour options for his completed Hermes. In the first, a high-altitude balloon will raise the Hermes to 100,000-plus feet, where customers can see the curvature of the Earth. The second is a rocket-powered option that will put customers in a suborbital trajectory where they can experience weightlessness."

According to the Silicon Valley Watcher (, Morris likes to describe himself as the "Red Neck Rocket Scientist". He was interviewed in this May 24, 2011 IntelFreePress Video posted at Youtube (

Comment I think this is good for google and bad for OEMS (Score 3, Interesting) 104

For me i have had enough with non-nexus android phones as i have lost patience with android updates . My next device is definitely going to be a nexus with clean android . Most of my friends say the same thing . Soon the nexus brand image will be like the i* brand and customers will be reluctant to buy anything else due to lack of complete package which includes long term support and upgrades . The way mobile landscape is changing the OEMS may not see what hit them.

Submission + - Mozilla Outs Desktop version of Firefox OS (

hypnosec writes: Mozilla has released a desktop version of its Firefox OS allowing developers to have a sneak peak the OS before it is officially made available on phones. Mozilla has ensured that it gets the highest audience for the Firefox OS and for that it has released the builds for all three major desktop operating systems: Mac, Windows, and Linux. Mozilla's Tony Chung wrote in a blog post, "If you're a web developer, you can use these builds to create and test your webApp against." Gaia/Hacking has the setup instructions. You would need a Gaia profile to launch the build otherwise you might encounter a black screen. Further information is available in Chung's blog post.

Comment U r completely correct (Score 1) 711

A technical document particularly like my thesis in electrical engineering is mostly equations and images . I prefer latex for the sheer beauty of equations that it churns out . I like the convenience of word+math-type but it doesn't come out "perfect" looking and cross referencing is cumbersome .I wish someone at Microsoft spent some time in improving these two features than making it cuter . But except for word other elements of the office suite really kicks ass particularly excel and Visio . Libreoffice cal hangs at large data points which excel just chews through and Visio is a just pure awesomeness . I mean i am a linux user and used to get stuff done with xfig but visio rendering is so much better that i decided to donate my green to MS that to my pirate overlords :) .

Comment Re:100 times faster than existing optical microsco (Score 2) 51

It may be referring to the optical time stretching analog to digital converter(ADC) which i guess is used in the system ( . All those optical stuff shown in the video is for that purpose is my guess . Since shutter action is like a sampling event we need to convert these sampled data into digital at extreme data rate 100s of GSPS which is vey challenging and is done by TSADC using time stretching principle and then using several interleaved low speed ADCs.

Comment Re:Do we need another mobile OS? (Score 3, Insightful) 116

If they play their cards right it wont be a .0001% . We need an OS out of the clutches of microsoft, google and apple,from somebody we trust more with our personal data . So far Firefox is the Mr. Clean and that is a brand image it has worldwide . Also using a standard compliant language (html) for development they will attract a lot of developers as learning curve may be small ( I hope so) . RIM recognized the need for momentum with apps when they started designing QNX based blackberry OS but they chose the alternative of android emulation i guess. But somehow i feel that choice of Mozilla is better . With Regards to Bada Tizen et al , i dont think anybody other than avid tech readers may have heard of them however good they may be . But even a layman may be willing to try something from makers of firefox . Branding is what makes selling a tad lot easier . And if quality is good people should stick .

Comment Re:Why do you think.. (Score 1) 364

If user is in control he would find all the way to break stupid restrictions like no tethering ... They have smartly placed themselves as a middle man taking a cut out of every phone sold ... and the trying to make more money by telling " i will give you 200 mb of data but thats not yours but your phones if you wanna use it for some emergency on your pc cough up 10 bucks" ... "oh yeah dont try to cheat , if you mod your phone i take your guarantee "

Comment mint 10 post april 2012 (Score 2) 396

i have been testing various distros after mint 10 ... just trying to find a worthy upgrade ... but always went back to mint 10 ... it looks good ... is very stable ... and why switch for something worse ... mint 12 aint bad but it still cant match mint 10 .. i hope they dont pull the plug on it in april 2012 .. i dont like the idea of running it without updates ..

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