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Comment Re:Well there's another side to that (Score 1) 617

Also there's the simple matter that GUIs work better for unfamiliar situations. While it might be easy to just say "Well a good admin should know about this," that is rather stupid. Nobody knows everything, you never get someone with limitless experience. Part of systems administration is being able to solve novel problems.

Documentation should exist. And should cover those unfamiliar situations.
Ergo any good admin should be an habitué at manual reading, then he/she would be able to solve any unfamiliar examples.

Or, how the heck should one work on a remote server over a 500ms ping-time satellite connection??? Remote desktop?

Comment Re:The coverup will continue (Score 1) 263

Also what assures me that there is actually a spaceship on lunar orbit or mars orbit or a rover on the surface of mars or the moon, or wherever?
That could also be doctored. The deserts we see there could be anywhere uninhabited on earth, line the Atacama desert, or places in Morocco or somewhere else...
(not that I believe that sh!t either)

Comment Re:Encryption... (Score 1) 130

First, if an agency is encrypting their communications, there's not much hope for any other service to talk to them, unless (obviously), they all share keys. It's doubtful, though, that the FBI is going to share their encryption keys with the local volunteer fire department. So, the assumption must be made that this solution is meant for unencrypted (which is not to say, unencoded digital) communications.

just set the primary channel to use $AGENCY key while secondary (and other channels) to use $OTHER_AGENCY key. Duh.
Then, just make it SOP to transmit on primary while on $AGENCY bussiness and secondary while on cooperative work.

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