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Submission + - Canadian Joins Water and Oil; it's reversible too!

pmandryk writes: "POLANYI PRIZE WINNER — Dr. Jessop and his research group developed a reversible method to bring together oil and water together, using carbon dioxide. They can then be separated again when needed, using air. That discovery has the potential to provide an environmentally safe alternative to existing oil recovery processes. In fact, the "green" chemistry discovery has already been named one of the top twenty Canadian chemical discoveries of the past century."

Comment Has anyone thought about flying these at night? (Score 1) 315

You're leaving a that happens to be 800 miles from home and it's 2 am.
Are you the "Designated Pilot" or the "Designated crasher" because chances are you're gonna hit something in the dark.
Last time I looked, my headlights really sucked when it was fully dark out.
Maybe we should just get really tall lamp posts.

Comment They have their own fans... (Score 3, Funny) 359

My favourite story (or urban legend) is when an employee came in to an IT shop on the weekend and shut down all of the A/C cooling units for the Data Centre. He claimed that he was "going 'Green' and saving power" because "...all of those computers in that room have their own fans." I'm pretty sure he was let go after that...or promoted to management.

Submission + - Network Feed via Train Tracks?

eVil_HomEr writes: morning /.'er's

I work for a rather large transit company and would like to hear some information about reliably networking a high-speed commuter train with a high-speed network connection. Wireless WAN is not a preferred option due to distance and dead spots (but if you've done something that works, I'm all ears). Wireless is most likely how to provide the service inside the cars but if anyone knows how to get data over train tracks, then that's what I'm after.

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