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Submission + - Google searches inconsistent (tinypic.com) 3

mejesster writes: After a brief discussion with some co-workers, we all went and searched for the same term "the". We were totally baffled by the fact that several of us got different results for the exact same search terms! Unfortunately, we were unable to come up with meaningful conclusions — we share an IP and were all signed out of Google services. We even tried checking DNS responses for google.com for different users, and while we reached different servers, that didn't seem to matter when getting results; sometimes people on the same server got different results, sometimes people on different servers got the same results. Has anyone else encountered this or anything like it? Proof of varying results in the pics:

Comment two week learning curve: must be way too hard (Score 2, Insightful) 261

the article stated:
"In Luquia, Justo Miguel ComÃn, a fifth-grader who is the youngest of seven children of subsistence farmers, was delighted to get his laptop in late April. "I like the math games, and I love the camera," he said two weeks later.
Yet when BusinessWeek asked her son detailed questions, it became clear he didn't fully understand the computer's capabilities"

--wow... a fifth grader can't completely understand the full capabilities of a new piece of technology in TWO WEEKS. Maybe they should ask him again in two months, or six months.

Heck, my great-grandmother spent her whole life thinking that soap operas on TV were as real as news reports.

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