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Comment Re:Request a blood test (Score 1) 498

You should know that, depending on where you are, refusing the roadside breath test is a criminal offence with the punishment being the same as failing the breath test (worse in fact because it is considered an aggravating factor).

The previous is valid anywhere in Canada, under Section 254(5) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Comment Re:I'm sure it didn't help. (Score 2, Informative) 1040

Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least when entering the US by car, you're already on american soil when talking to the border patrol. On a ski trip to Jay Peak, two stupid heas brought marijuana with them. But was searched, border patrol found it. All three were then detained for investigation.

Comment Re:...and will be used against you (Score 2, Informative) 330

DUI (driving with more than 0.08) is only for motor driving (car, boat, snowmobile, tractor, plane).
But you still can get a ticket for riding a horse while drunk, though the consequences are a lot less important. A 100$ ticket.
http://lejournaldequebec.canoe.ca/journaldequebec/actualites/quebec/archives/2009/01/20090123-120605.html/ Two months ago in Trois-RiviÃres.

Comment Re:Corn (Score 1) 1083

Why do you think I precised where I live and that these numbers are for our farm? Beef farms in Abitibi-Témiscaminque (~48 degrees north, still in Quebec, rocky peaty soil) raise their beef with grass. But they still complete part of their diet with corn. I do know that this is not the case worldwide.

Submission + - Google mobiles to make February debut? (apcmag.com)

SpinelessJelly writes: "It appears that Google's Android, criticised by Microsoft as vaporware, has sprung to life. Prototype devices are circulating, software developers are experimenting with the SDK and PC-based Android emulator, and there are rumours of a show-stopping debut at February's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Numerous examples of the Android GUI are also starting to leak out."

Submission + - Google's Young Brainiacs Go Globe-Trotting

theodp writes: "To train a new generation of leaders, Google sends its young associate product managers on a worldwide mission. Newsweek's Steven Levy tagged along and reports on the APMs' activities, which included passing out candy, notebooks and pencils to poor Raagihalli children, a 'Rubber Ducky' group sing-along at 2 a.m., and competitions to find the weirdest-gadget-under-$100 in Tokyo and squeeze the biggest discount out of Bangalore street vendors ('I usually buy at Neiman Marcus,' confessed one APM). The APM program, which seeks brilliant kids and slots them directly into important jobs with no experience necessary, was formed after Google's attempts to hire veterans from firms like Microsoft had awful results. 'Google is so different that it was almost impossible to reprogram them into this culture,' says Google CEO Eric Schmidt of the experienced hires. The difficulties also led Google VP Melissa Mayer, the APMs' boss, to wonder whether experience was way overrated. 'The APM program is one of our core values,' adds Schmidt. 'I'd like to think of one of them as the eventual CEO of the company.'"

Submission + - Confirmed: gPhone to be announnced on Monday 5th! (wsj.com)

mobile freak writes: "Less than a week after the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Google would be announcing their Linux-based gPhone OS and accompanying software suite within a fortnight, Monday 5th November is pegged as the day that the search giant will open up what have been notoriously-tight lips regarding the expansion of their business model within the cellular industry."

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