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Comment Re:Cunning Plan (Score 1) 406

Which will be the ARM-based netbooks/laptops, just around the corner. Think about it: ARM offers power _and_ great battery life _and_ a super cheap price. What's not to like for the general consumer?

But Microsoft can't compete here with XP, Vista, or 7 - as all the applications that tie people to Windows currently are compiled for x86! Even if they did release an OS for ARM, they'd have to differentiate it enough so the general consumer could understand why they can't install Spore or TurboTax or whatever on their shiny new Windows laptop. More than likely they'd end up releasing some rushed version of Windows CE.

Now compare that with Ubuntu, for example, which has a fully-supported ARM distribution, and works extremely well on low-powered netbooks (the netbook distro is a bit of a work-in-progress, but using the regular desktop version is solid.) It would be pretty hilarious to see Microsoft trying to force a netbook WinCE instead down manufacturer's throats, unless they spent a lot of time to polish it, which they don't have.

Hopefully this will be the final tipping point in realizing that the general consumer doesn't need to pay Microsoft to have a usable computer. Again, no turnips, and as a plus computing as a whole moves forward!


Submission + - How to get accurate specs?

spiffcow writes: "So here's my story... I'm the only programmer at a language interpretation company. I design internal software for users are largely computer-illiterate, and obtaining accurate specs for these programs has become a huge challenge. In the most recent instance, I asked for detailed specs on what an accounting program should do (i.e. accounting rules, calculation methods, etc.), and received a Word document mockup of an input screen, complete with stickers of cartoon monkeys. This seems to be the norm around here. When I asked my boss (the head Sales manager) for specs, he responded saying that it was my responsibility to determine what was needed. So my question is this: how do I convey to the users that, in order to develop the software they want, I need detailed, accurate specs. Oh, and as a side note, how do I explain to people that the title "Software developer" does not entail providing technical support for the copy machine?"

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