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Comment I'm Argentinian and you are wrong (Score 2) 294

If you do not trust your own country's currency that's your own problem. I do trust my Argentinian currency. What I don't trust is you and everyone else who are always trying to bring our economy down to a crisis, so you benefit with the foreign money you have been accumulating over the years. Just stop trying to convince the hole world that we all want what only you, and very few others want. I, as an Argentinian, am NOT desperate in the way you claim. I, as an Argentinian, do NOT agree with you. Please, Slashdot, if you are going to post things like this at least make a poll to every person in Argentina to know how everybody actually feels. And most of us voted for our actual president, consider that. This post is insulting.

Submission + - Net Neutrality in Argentina!

plerner writes: Argentina has a new Net Neutrality law; law no. 27.078. It was passed by congress this week and published yesterday. Original text in Spanish can be foud at

Article 1 reads (translated by google):"Object. Declared of public interest the development of Information Technologies and Communications, Telecommunication, and their associated resources, establishing and ensuring complete network neutrality.
Its purpose is to allow access to all the inhabitants of Argentina to the services of information and communication equitable social and geographical conditions, with the highest quality standards.
This rule is of public order and excludes any type of content regulation, whatever their means of transmission."

Theres a little bit more about it on articles 56 and 57 of the same law.

Submission + - Slashdot poll

plerner writes: A new poll: "Does your dream job involve technology?

- Yes, programming/administering from the beach.
- No, serving beverages to turists in the beach.
- What's a job?

Comment I don't understand... (Score 1) 169

... why Google cannot pay to someone? The restrictions are for the Argentinian (yes, like me) that want to buy foreign currency. The company can send the money to the persons bank account, and the developer will get the money in local currency. Besides, in the link above, in spanish, Google does not say it's reasons. For the moment, with these information at hand, I really don't think these restrictions are the reason. Maybe when Google explain them selfs.

Comment Re:A dumb public is an easily manipulated public (Score 0) 405

I agree. It is not just a matter of education, but of which kind. Lots of educated people around me, 'university' people, do not have the impulse to do a simple web search to see if they are actually right about something, before making decisions. And that is not just a matter of reforming education, but choosing the politician that will make it happen.

Submission + - Poll about Bradley Manning

plerner writes: A slashdot poll:

"I'd like Bradley Manning to:

- Rotten in jail
- Be free
- Who's he again?"

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