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Comment I'm a little confused.... (Score 1) 203

Did they try every single antibiotic on this woman? Just because it has mcr-1 and is resistant to colistin doesn't mean it's resistant to everything. A friend of mine got a chest infection that was resistant to a lot of different antibiotics, including zithromax. After trying 4 different antibiotics, the doctor gave him sustained release penicillin, because, why not. 3 days later the couching stopped and he was on the mend.

Comment Re:Surprise! (Score 2) 294

Everything is a clone of Mosaic, if you want to get technical.

I have Firefox and Chrome installed. For no objective reason whatsoever, I prefer Firefox. Don't know why. But I just like Firefox better.

Out of all the browsers, I like Gnome Web the best right now. If uBlock Origin worked with it, and it had good KeePass integration, I'd switch over permanently.

Comment Re:Boo hoo (Score 1) 302

You know, it's not the ads I object to so much as the time slots. I'm sick and tired of only getting half a show because some sporting event or political speech ran over and my TiVo only recorded the first half of the show. When I try and buffer by recording the next show, I can't, because I'm already recording 2 things. Just show me a menu, let me pick a show and let me stream it to my house when I want to see it. You can keep commercials in if you want, But time slots still equal revenue. The show that's #1 in it's time slot will cost more to advertise on than the other shows, even thought it may be #25 in the ratings.

Comment Re:No private company should stick their neck out (Score 1) 78

The NSA is actually going against their mission statement. Their job is to collect data from outside the country and make sure the networks inside this country are secure. With them inserting backdoors into routers, and having supposedly broken SSL/TLS and not revealing to anyone what the security holes are, or how they're able to decrypt traffic, they moved way past their directive and are going to destroy silicone valley at some point.

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