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Submission + - Cloud Providers Being Asked To Wall Off Data From US (

chicksdaddy writes: The U.S. government is giving large Internet firms more leeway to discuss secret government requests for data.( But when it comes to trust, the battle may already be lost. IT World reports that U.S. hosting companies and cloud providers say they now face pressure from international customers to keep data off of U.S. infrastructure – a request many admit is almost impossible to honor.

The article quotes an executive at one, prominent U.S. hosting firm who says that the picture of NSA spying that has come as a result of leaks by Edward Snowden prompted a slew of requests from European customers to have data cordoned off from U.S. infrastructure. Customers in Germany are often the source of the requests, he said, but the phenomenon isn't limited to Germany, where revelations of NSA spying there, including a tap on the phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, have stoked a kind of economic nationalism.

Chris Swan, the chief technology officer at Cohesive FT, a cloud networking company, said that his company began fielding calls from European clients, Germany companies, in particular, last year. "They were asking for help finding and using non U.S.-affiliated infrastructure," he said.

"It’s a bit of a gradient with Germany at the top of the hill and the Swiss standing right alongside them," said Swan.

The requests take a couple different forms, according to the hosting company executive. Customers have asked for their data to be kept 'locally,' segregating it on infrastructure located within the geographic border of Germany or other EU nations that are not perceived to be subject to access from U.S. intelligence agencies. Others are asking for changes that at least give them plausible deniability with local press and government officials. For example, they might ask for hosting firms to transfer the registration IP addresses used to host content from U.S.–based entities to a German or EU-based subsidiary, according to the report.

Submission + - Scientists Claim a Plague Which Killed Half of Europe Could Return (

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have warned that a strain of the bubonic plague which could be as deadly as the Black Death could return without notice.

Examined the Plague of Justinian, which killed half the world's population in the sixth century — and the Black Death, which hit around 800 years later and killed 50 million people across Europe, researchers found the strain of bubonic plague which resulted in Black Death rose again and caused another plague in the 1800s and could happen again.

Comment Re:News? (Score 3, Informative) 132

From TFA: "Now, after years of obscurity, Fallen Astronaut is making an unexpected comeback. Four decades after van Hoeydonck’s private meeting with the Smithsonian’s director, the Smithsonian invited the artist and his most famous sculpture out into the public for an absurdly belated lecture on Dec. 12 at the National Air and Space Museum"

Comment Re:Preventative Maintenance (Score 1) 165

the AN/FSQ-7 had two parallel systems, so that one could be working while the other was down for tube replacement. One site I read stated that it had around 99% up time. Each system would also cycle the voltage slightly as it was ready for it's shift, to force premature failure in tubes that were on the borderline.

Comment Re:I am confused. (Score 4, Informative) 52

it gets even better. In the linked article it explains that Paunch sells ads that appear in the control panels for all the renters, so not only does he get income from renting the system, he he also gets the income from that ads that are popping up in your system after you rent it from him!

Comment Re:I am confused. (Score 2) 52

I'm certainly not an expert on this, but TFA says they "rent" the kit, and in a linked article it mentions administrative user panels for the people who rent the product, so it sounds as if you don't actually buy the code, but rather rent access to a system that lets you acquire and manipulate your botnet.

Comment Re:How about (Score -1, Troll) 528

The case that was in the news recently about a woman who had to change her name because she was so ashamed of the pics her ex posted is a case in point here. A bit of investigation found out that the pics were selfies, of her doing things such as anal insertions. So yeah, it's hard to see how she didn't consent when she put something up her butt while naked, took the pics, and send them along to the guy.

Comment Re:Heat. (Score 1) 249

Speaking as someone who has actually moved personal items from the northern to the southern hemisphere, depending on where you go, the single biggest threat to you property may well be theft. It can happen anywhere along the route and no one will be willing to say they received the goods intact.

Comment Re:Devil's advocate here... (Score 1) 526


For a double blind experiment, both the doctor and the patient need to ignore (the phrase you are looking for is "not be aware") if they are on placebo or not -hence *double* blind.

I see, you think you are cute, but you misunderstand the point of double blind. The point of doing double blind is if there is a possibility that the clinician might know which drug is the test and which is the placebo and then if that knowledge could have even an unintended effect on the subject during the course of the treatment. Since the surgical patient is usually unconscious this can't happen, but if a person were being extremely careful they could have one physician interact with the patient while they were awake (before and after the surgery) and have a separate doctor do the actually surgery (or not) but lie to the "awake" doctors so they always thought the surgery was done. You are probably right that no one has been confused enough to do something like this, for ethical reasons if nothing else, but in addition to not understanding when double blinds are appropriate, you also fail to understand a ruptured appendix. Roughly speaking, the mortality rate from having the surgery is about 1 in 1,000,000 while having no surgery after the appendix ruptures is almost a death sentence. Which pretty much makes your cuteness irrelevant.

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