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Comment Re: My job... (Score 1) 364

I'll step and say, yes, from his perspective something absolutely was taken. He had a job and it was taken from him. However I agree with the statement that it was not the that took his job from him, it was his own bosses, managers, and company. So yes it is very much "us" doing this to ourselves.

It doesn't matter though because, as I have frequently been told, if our jobs get taken all we need to do is simply to get different ones. Problem solved! Why didn't I think of that?

Comment Tiddlywiki (Score 1) 286

I use Tiddlywiki (stupid name, great program!) -- "a non-linear personal web notebook". It's a single-file wiki that lives on your local machine. There are ways to push to Dropbox or other services if you want anywhere-access, but whether you want that or not just depends on how you want to use it.

Submission + - Google Fiber announces new cities (

plate_o_shrimp writes: From WRAL:

Google officials confirmed Tuesday that the [RDU] area is among the latest to be outfitted with Google Fiber, which promises Internet speeds 100 times faster than existing connections....According to the Wall Street Journal, Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville, Tenn., also are in line for Google’s ultra-fast service.

Submission + - Eggs terminate! Egg-free flu vaccines provide faster pandemic response (

eggboard writes: Jen A. Miller has an egg allergy of a variety that her doctor has told her could produce a severe reaction if she were vaccinated for the flu, as flu vaccines are grown from viral strains incubated in chicken eggs. But, she explains, two new approaches have been approved by the FDA and are in production that don't use eggs at all; they're on the market in small amounts already, but will be available in much larger quantities soon. It's not just about egg allergies: the new vaccine types (one relying in insect proteins and the other on animal proteins) provide a much faster turnaround time in response to flu pandemics — as little as two to three months from isolation of a strain to mass production instead of at least six months with eggs.

Comment Re:Apple ][ note: schematics included (Score 1) 171

Well, I had a revision B motherboard (something I specifically requested, because of certain features I wanted to experiment with), and the extended 80 column adapter, which expanded my system memory to 128k (bank switched, since only 64k was addressable), but the CPU in my system was definitely not a 65c02.

My system also did not have the MouseText characters that came out with the //c, so by the link you are referring to above, I had an unenhanced Apple //e. Nonethless, both the logo on the case and the startup logo said //e, not ][e.

This website refers to a model that was discontinued in 1985, and is right beside an image that looks exactly like the model that I had. Note that it has the //e logo on the case cover. It's entirely possible that it was called the ][e for a very short time after launch, but I had never seen it... and I was practically living in a computer store near my place at the time, when I was preparing to get my own system.

It's all pedantry anyway. But sounds like you had what could be called a "partially enhanced" machine:

If you are able to turn the machine on, the easiest way to identify an
enhanced IIe is to look at the machine name printed on the top line of
the startup screen:

Apple ][ indicates an unenhanced IIe
Apple //e indicates an enhanced IIe

The catch is that you might have a machine which has been partially
enhanced: it is possible for the CPU, video ROM and firmware ROMs (CD
and EF) to be updated independently (the firmware ROMs must be a
matching pair). Looking at the chips would be safest bet.

I remember engaging in many online (BBS & Usenet) discussions where the common shorthand was to use ][e for unenhanced, //e for enhanced (for times when it mattered.)

Comment Re:Apple ][ note: schematics included (Score 1) 171

The logo on it still said "Apple //e". This is what the one I owned looked like, and that was in 1984. The link you refer to says that the ][e was renamed to the //e when the //c came out, but the //c did not come out until 1985.

I also remember the splash startup logo on my //e saying "Apple //e" at the top of the screen, which differed distinctly from "APPLE ][+", which I had been used to seeing previously at school.

The early machines said ][ in the splash screen; the laters said //e. That was one way to know which ROM set you had.

Comment Re:Apple ][ note: schematics included (Score 1) 171

You're thinking of the ][+. The //e (note, //e, not ][e, and yes, I'm being pedantic) was not quite as open.

So the Enhanced //e was not as open, but how about the original (unenhanced) ][e? (I'm being even more pedantic. ;-) All my 8-bit Apple lit is packed away and hard to get to, else I'd go look. Mine came as a ][e but I converted it to a //e....

Comment Re:Buddhism - the less abhorrent religion. (Score 1) 348

What I'd really like to see is some good scientific research put in to this sort of thing, stripping away the associated mysticism and getting right to the core of it. Based on the rather limited article, it appears this might not be too difficult as he may already be keeping the mysticism to a minimum.

Check out Shinzen Young (Shingon lineage but now teaches in Therevada tradition). That's the exact sort of thing he's trying to do.

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