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Ironic....  *Tuesday September 18, 2001 @09:19AM  2
   attached to ClearChannel Plays It Safe
It's official....  *Friday June 01, 2001 @09:16AM  2
   attached to Ballmer Calls Linux "A Cancer"
Immortality or Immorality?  *Friday June 01, 2001 @08:58AM  1
   attached to Ask Internet Icon Alex Chiu
The Good and the Bad, in short  *Monday January 22, 2001 @10:33AM  5
   attached to Ask FCC Chief Technologist David J. Farber
Networks would sue....  *Monday January 22, 2001 @04:50AM  2
   attached to FCC And More HDTV Rules
Yo, mods! Re-read this!  *Tuesday December 19, 2000 @07:59AM  2
   attached to Low Power Radio Setback by Congress
Pavlov's dogs love the meaty taste of SPAM!  *Thursday December 14, 2000 @10:13AM  3
   attached to Media3 Sues MAPS Over RBL Listings
No physical ballots = No meaningful recount  *Friday November 10, 2000 @08:03AM  5
   attached to eLection '04
It's thinking...  *Wednesday November 01, 2000 @11:05AM  3
   attached to Sega to Shifts Focus To Software
Re:There was no sequel to Frankenstein  *Friday November 10, 2000 @08:59AM  2
...or, The Modern Prometheus  *Friday November 10, 2000 @08:22AM  5
   attached to The New Jerusalem (Two)
Re:All-in-won?  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @06:45AM  2
   attached to Linux-Based Home Services Server
Voice over IP?  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:14AM  3
   attached to Carnivore 2.0, and Beyond
Ventura....  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @06:06AM  2
Re:The Raider's answers  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:31AM  2
Re:Notice who's missing from the list  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:09AM  2
The Raider's answers  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:05AM  4
   attached to Politics, Endorsements, and Privacy
Re:Bad, Bad Idea  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @04:42AM  2
Re:Seems a little ridiculous  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @04:38AM  3
   attached to Mass. Universities to Require Laptops
...with linebreaks, even!  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:22AM  2
An ode  *Tuesday October 17, 2000 @05:20AM  2
   attached to Pioneer 10 Finally Dead After 28 Years?
Aw, c'mon mods!  *Monday October 16, 2000 @10:46AM  2
Do you support resolution 602P?  *Monday October 16, 2000 @08:14AM  1
   attached to Ask the Presidential Candidates
Flip-flop of death  *Sunday October 15, 2000 @08:16AM  3
   attached to U.S. Preparing To Block AOL / Time-Warner Deal

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (5) All right, who's the wiseguy who stuck this trigraph stuff in here?