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Comment Nexus 7 (Score 1) 370

Last year, I was in your situation: I wanted to give my father a tablet.
The then best tablet (Nexus 7, 2012 model) was the first Android that I considered giving my father (he's from 1940, not tech-savvy at all: the laptop that my parents had was only used by my mother).
He took a look at it, shrugged and said 'I will never use it'.

The first app I installed on it for him was a teletext app, with which he could read teletext. (I know, not the first app I would use myself). But he used it.
And now it is difficult for him to leave home without it: it is as if he wants to sleep with it;-0

Since the first Nexus 7, there are other good tablets out there. I guess the Nexus 7 model 2013 is still unbeatable in terms of price/quality ratio, so I would suggest him that. Possible reasons to go for Android and not iOS:
- there is a growing number of people using Android. His grandchildren, having a cheap Android phone can help if anything is amiss
- the price/quality ratio is good
- I am using it myself.

Now, if you are a heavy iOS person, you may be better of choosing an iPad: you would then be more at home with it, and help if necessary. But my personal experience is that the Android version that came with the first Nexus 7 was that 'intuitive' that my father used it instantly.

Comment Re:but but.... (Score 3, Interesting) 453

Have mod points, but will post instead:
Although your '...year of the Linux desktop' is a very old statement, my observation is that now (end of 2013/start of 2014) is indeed the year of the Linux desktop.
Just as last year, with the Nexus 7, it was the first time I felt comfortable giving a "non-iPad" tablet to my father, this time
when their XP laptop died, it was the first time I actually considered giving them a laptop with Linux on it. So I searched for that lone laptop which still had Windows 7 (and hence: no UEFI problems), installed Linux Mint on it (for the cureous: Mint Cinnamon, Petra, RC at the time), and let them loose with it. And so far they are really happy with it.
The reasons I could do this were:
- Linux Mint is a simpler experience then Windows 8(.1) and looks close enough to XP;
- Libre office (writer, calc) look close enough to the office version they had previously.
It is/was the first time I knew that giving them Linux + Libre office was a better choice then giving them Windows 8(.1) and the ribbon...

And this from someone that hasn't really used Linux since those early years when you downloaded Slackware on 40+ floppy's, and who uses a (Windows 7, fortunately) laptop from my employer.

Comment Re:Welcome to the rest of the world (Score 1) 312

I was actually planning to mod this thread, until I saw your comment.
I think you are mistaken: my guess is that parent is NOT talking about any "real" tax (that goes to the Australian taxoffice), but the discussed 'feature' that American companies tend to ask for higher prices for digital goods in non-American places...
See e.g.

Submission + - New operating system sets out to replace Linux on the cloud

urdak writes: Today in CloudOpen in New Orleans, KVM veterans Avi Kivity and Dor Laor revealed their latest venture, a new open-source (BSD license) operating system named OSv. OSv can run existing Linux programs and runtime environments such as a JVM, but unlike Linux, OSv was designed from the ground up to run efficiently on virtual machines. For example, OSv avoids the traditional (but slow) userspace-kernel isolation, as on the cloud VMs normally run a single application. OSv is also much smaller than Linux, and breaks away from tradition by being written in C++11 (the language choice is explained in in this post).

Comment More a fingerprint then a name (Score 5, Insightful) 96

A name is something OTHERS use to identify you. If I read the summary right (no need to read that article), they are not suggesting that OTHER wolves are imitating a howl to identify another wolf.
Said differently: the howl is like a fingerprint (although an audible one) in that it can be used to identify the owner of said howl.

Comment Can read in another way... (Score 1) 243

In true /. tradition, I did not read the article. So perhaps the article contradicts me, but just bases upon the summery I could give an alternative explanation:
It could have been that the following two things are true:
1. IE is terrible in use. It is that horrible to work with that an average person browsing the web for 20 hours with IE reads only half the pages compared to an average person using Chrome or Firefox.
2. IE is terrible in powermanagement. Within that 20 hour period, it will use almost the same amount of energy to load and display the pages as Chrome and Firefox use to load and display double that number of pages. Compared to - say - Firefox this is partly true because the average Firefox user reads less ads (through extensions such as add-blockers) and hence less information had to be downloaded, and less flashy ads have to be shown.

Comment Patriot act? (Score 3, Informative) 79

Actually read the article (I know, against /. policy ;-0), read most of the comments, and nowhere read anything about it possible being related to the patriot act. I happen to know that the patriot act is (one of) the reason(s) the Dutch government will not enter into an agreement with American hosting providers, surely the British have similar reservations?
(And yes, the article is scarce on facts, so cannot check whether all American companies are excluded, but heck: so could none of the other people posting a reply).

MY guess is that the patriot act played a mayor role in letting this business opportunity slip trough the fingers of american companies...

Comment Re:I miss Steve Jobs (Score 1) 451

Comment Re:Apple's business model (Score 1) 393

I am sorry. According to long standing slashdot tradition, there HAS to be a "?????" step.
I do agree though, the ??? steps seems to be unnecessary, and normally it stops at '5 Profit!!!!!!!!!!' so perhaps GP needs to amends its version (perhaps letting 3 or 4 out of his (?her?) post.

Yes, I am kidding ;-0

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