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Comment Re:Not a video camera, so why? (Score 1) 117

Well, you may not think it is good for filmmaking, but the indies and the big names are flocking to this camera like moths to light. Check my blog, for lots of posts from indies making movies, to big films like Harry Potter and Iron Man II and several TV shows using the 5D mk ii. The sensor is amazing and the DOF is killer when done right.

Comment complete Canon EOS 5D Mark II coverage (Score 1) 117

Hi y'all If you're interested in the 5D mk ii, you should check out my blog and wiki - - the best 5D information on the planet! We have had several posts on this story since it was 'announced' several weeks ago (yesterday's formal announcement was the first 'release' of the software to the public - but we've been covering it before that).

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