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Submission + - Multiverse theory gains ground with predictable data (

planckscale writes: Information about the beginning can never be lost and some researchers calculate how the information contains a tiny amount of data about other universes and entanglement with those universes. The cold spot of the CMBR indicates there is a source that messes up the homogeneous nature of the universe and the prediction that the suppression of the CMBR in the southern hemisphere is indeed not homogeneous. The possibility that ours is one of many universes has gotten more backing based on predictable data and that is in my opinion fascinating. Link attached is translated by chrome pretty well. A long video about the findings can be found here:

Submission + - Mass Can Be 'Created' Inside Graphene ( 1

planckscale writes: At the Saudi Center for Theoretical Physics in Saudi Arabia, physicists say the amazing properties of graphene now include the ability to create mass, according to a new prediction. The paper states that by folding the [graphene] sheet into a tube [fermions] acquire non-zero effective mass as they move along the tube axis. Could the ability to trivially create mass (or anti-mass) allow for exotic propulsion methods to be explored?

Submission + - sneakernet - encrypted offline filesharing network (

planckscale writes: Sneakernet by Drew Crawford is a network that uses USB thumbdrives to share large files with a group of peers. The wiki is a fun read here: , as it describes the use of Star Wars characters in its distribution model.

Submission + - Li recharge time cut by oscillating current (

planckscale writes: By applying an oscillating electric field to a Lithium ion battery computational model, researchers have demonstrated exponentially faster recharge times than conventional methods. Although the effect could have dramatic ramifications for the battery industry, the method may damage batteries.

Submission + - Brightest-Ever Gamma Ray Burst Discovered

planckscale writes: NASA's Fermi Telescope spotted a massive explosion in the Carina constellation and scientists worked out that the blast was stronger than 9,000 supernovae. Will LIGO [Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory] be able to detect Gravity Waves from this event?

Submission + - LIGO fails to detect gravity waves

planckscale writes: Last weekend, LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) did not detect gravitational radiation in association with a gamma ray burst (GRB) The non-detection was actually a valuable contribution by providing collaborating evidence of the event. The detector is due to be upgraded this year for even more accurate measurements. The interferometer is constructed in such a way that it can detect a change of less than a thousandth the diameter of an atomic nucleus in the lengths of the arms relative to each other.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Are .tmp files necessary or just bad programming?

planckscale writes: After spending another hour deleting .tmp files from a bloated XP machine I started to wonder, is the .tmp file necessary when coding an application on the MS platform? Why do so many apps produce .tmp files and is it just because of bad coding or does the use of them dramatically speed up an app? Don't coders use dev/null to reduce them in linux? I can understand the use of them in case an app crashes for recovery purposes, but why don't more apps have the capacity to delete their own .tmp files once they are done with them? Is it too much to ask to at least have the option when closing an app to delete your temp files?

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