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Comment Shit outta luck (Score 1) 500

Convenience and plausible deniability are somewhat mutually exclusive. Forensic traces are really hard to combat. Even if you memorize the ones and zeros, the "encryption" can mostly be broken with rubber-hose cryptoanalysis.

An interesting solution would be a browser plug-in gaining popularity which integrates with several major image hosting providers, offering client-side stenography and crypto. Only small files would fit though, but it'd be usable in some of the same scenarios Freenet was meant for, e.g. communication without 3rd parties being able to prove the communication takes place.

Comment Re:Forget the books (Score 4, Funny) 1146

"Help me with the chores" -> Resolution: LATER
"Please wear respectable clothes sometimes" -> Resolution: WONTFIX
"I can't figure out that Linux crap, get Windows!" -> Resolution: WORKSFORME

It's the perfect tool!

"I want a divorce!" -> Reassign bug to wife@localhost

Comment Natural Selection (Score 3, Interesting) 192

Natural Selection had success in balancing itself by inviting diversity among its players. The marine team has chain of command - it allows less experienced players to be effective by following orders. On the alien team every player is equal. Both teams need strategic thinkers and good shooters. It leads to a enjoyable game for a larger spread of personality and experience level compared to, say, Counterstrike.

Comment Re:Notepad++ (Score 1) 1131

I #pray you never realize you can move diagonally in NetHack on yubn, having your muscle memory expecting it to work in vi too. As a victim of this, I have come to believe that the entire DevTeam are actually emacs users from hell.

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