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Comment Re:How nice of Facebook! (Score 1) 99

I hate facebook as much as the next guy

"Facebook's "apology" is nothing but a cynical attempt to stem public anger...the kind of anger that might cause governments to act against it."

lol no reasonable government will act over this

"Until an aggrieved party can access an appeal process in a reasonable time and get ridiculous situations like this taken care of promptly, Facebook remains an irresponsible gate-keeper, and its apology remains a fraud."

I agree Facebook is an irresponsible gate-keeper

"We'll leave for another day the fact that Facebook is inflicting its prissy, Puritanical standards on the rest of the world. And no, the argument that "you can always stop using it" doesn't apply. It has occupied its niche in the internet's ecology completely, leaving no reasonable alternative. Practically speaking, it is a monopoly."

Lol no it is not a monopoly, you are here are you not?

Comment Re: It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 1) 81

"That was when (some) congress critters realized that when you tax a company, the customers, not the company, pays the tax." Factually incorrect. Econ 102 (Not 101) Taxes will distort the market. Both the company and the consumer will pay part of the tax. The breakdown % depends on how elastic supply and demand is.

Comment Re:I'm not the biggest tesla fan (Score 1) 238

What you did was restate a simplified/broken version Tesla's publicly stated strategy and phrase it like you uncovered a big secret. Tesla has repeatedly stated that the goal of their current vehicles is not to make a profit but to act as a proving ground for the development of the manufacturing infrastructure. Electric vehicles suffer from a major lack of economics of scale. Thus to make competitive vehicles they sell them for little to no margin. Once scale is achieved Tesla's goal is to be able produce higher value for lower cost vehicles than the equivalent ICE. This will eat into the economics of scale with ICEs and thus destroy their ability to be competitive. Resulting in ONLY electric's being viable consumer vehicles. This strategy is why investors poured billions into them.

Comment Even the accusation is not enough (Score 5, Insightful) 742

Even if 100% true making a choice to override military commanders is not an indictable offense (even if wrong in the end). Hell that's actually the exact reason why we have civilians in charge (to override commanders for non military reasons). If that statement is correctly attributed to him that's a shame on him. It is just a stupid statement.

Comment Re: Ham-handed (Score 1) 280

If you cant tell the difference between infrastructure and the technology IP used to create it. You are an absolute idiot.

Anyone can steal technology it is what it is, what you cant do is steal trillions of dollars of infrastructure. Its just physically impossible The use military strategically planned for critical elements of the internet's infrastructure to be located within the U.S. for the explicit reason of maintaining control despite jackasses from elsewhere whining.

Literally go build the internet over again. Try. I dare you. I don't give a fuck whatever nation you are part of. Hell even the whole EU could try and no one would give a slightest fuck. Your idea of internet freedom simply does not matter. You do not control it and do not have enough influence to create a new one. So your opinion is worthless.

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