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Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 435

I would take that trade myself and gladly get more vacation But on the other you are also comparing a mostly monolithic nation with a very large variance in georgrphic productivity. Comparing Germany to New York would probably be a more reasonable comparison. I would be glad to see those numbers.

Comment Grid based questions (Score 1) 145

Do you think lithium ion batteries will ever be able to economically provide grid scale frequency regulation? If so what timelines?

Do you think lithium ion batteries will ever be able to economically provide grid scale peak/valley stabilization? If so what timelines?

If not what tech do you see filling that gap and any timelines?

Comment Re:Who's "we"? (Score 1) 366

It is not saved by people. It is stolen by people. Taxes are part of the fundamental contract we abide by to have a functional society. You don't want to pay taxes? Flee your country. Cant find a tax free nation that is not a hell hole? That's because a tax free nation can not function properly and the more people like you who fail to realize the beneficial economics of scale a government provides, the more likely the nation is to fail. So yes please do flee, else pay your damn taxes; if not we will gleefully toss you in jail for violating the basic covenants required of those who choose to voluntarily live in civilization.

Comment Re:Want good Internet? Move to a city. (Score 1) 174

Rural dwellers do NOT subsidize Urban residents. There is nothing rural communities provide that the cities can not buy on international markets for a fraction of the price it costs to subsidize the boonies. It has come to the point where the civilization has come to realize that the country folk are an albatross we no longer feel like carrying.

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