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Comment At home watching the raw NASA feeds (Score 2) 320

I skipped school that day to watch the launch. We had a satellite receiver and I found the NASA wild feeds (the unfiltered video that is sent out without all the talking heads and commentary). It really gave a different take on the disaster than what was on the networks. Much more unfiltered, at least until they killed all transmission.

Comment A complete crock (Score 2) 387

What a complete crock of excrement. I am amazed at the stupidity of these people. I wonder if they have ever used a whiteboard or had to take impromptu notes in a meeting. We as a society are dumbing down the curriculum to such a point that many kids today are no longer required to be able to do basic arithmetic with the excuse of "They will have access to a calculator, so it's not important." Spelling requirements are just as bad with multiple choice spelling tests along with the excuse of "They will have spell checkers available so they only need to recognize the proper word from a list." Current educational "standards" along with the recent trend of large corporations trying to indoctrinate new customers are brainwashing society's children. This blatant push by the Microsoft sales and marketing team is just one more example.

Comment So they start tracking you directly... (Score 1) 116

So now, instead of getting a pesky GPS warrant on your car, they'll just ask the phone companies for the metadata (via subpoena) for your GPS location of your cell phone, which you're probably carrying, as this is just business data and you have no right to the expectation of privacy for it.

Submission + - GPS and Our Robot Overlords

pkuyken writes: Our robot overlords have begun their population control methods. A Spanish man, following directions given by his GPS system, was killed after driving into a reservoir based on the prompting by his automobile's GPS navigation system. The road in question had not been used in decades.Photographs (linked article in Spanish) show the road descending a slight hill into the La Serena reservoir near the town of Capilla.

Submission + - Google Calls Oracle's Java Patents Invalid ( 1

cgriffin21 writes: Google denies that its Android mobile operating system violates Java patents and copyrights now held by Oracle and in a court filing calls for an Oracle lawsuit against Google to be dismissed and the patents to be declared invalid. Google also said that by suing Google as it did back in August, Oracle has turned against the kind of open-source policies it used to support. Oracle sued Google Aug. 12 charging that Google's use of Java in Android violated seven patents as well as copyrighted material Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems in January for $7.3 billion.

Comment Re:Effective Java (Score 2, Insightful) 293

I'd second this. (And would have modded it up had I had some mod points.) Even a beginning developer can draw some very useful information from Bloch's Effective Java. While you probably won't understand a large part of the details, reading through it will help give an idea of things to avoid and things to use. By going through the book, even if you don't remember all the details, hopefully enough will stick so that you can reference back to the section if you ever have questions regarding a particular detail.
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Verizon Changes FiOS AUP, -1, Offtopic 560

RasputinAXP writes "Verizon has changed their FiOS AUP effective yesterday, and added an interesting new clause to their specific examples that we're all familiar with: 'it is a violation of the Agreement and this AUP to ... post off-topic information on message boards, chat rooms or social networking sites.' At this point, every FiOS-based Slashdot user is breaking the new AUP."

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