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Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 2) 503

I don't need or want a crap load of extraneous services running to continuously fetch data while in background doing nothing. I don't need or want to be always connected to my social media. I don't need a little notifications indicating some BS event that I should go scurry down a distraction rabbit hole and waste 5 minutes. I don't need bloatware slowing down my operating system and not giving me a way to remove it. Simply put, if I want it, I'll go get it. I don't want it baked into the operating system because some ADHD / everyone deserves a medal type person thought it was improving the user experience.

Now get off my damn lawn!

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 503

My experience has been that the Windows 7 Update is corrupt. The cache needs to be purged, and the DLLs need to be unregistered and reregistered. Then Windows Update component needs to be updated.

Note: This doesn't go away in Windows 10. They just find new ways to break the update service. And because updates are chain dependent, nothing short of manually clearing and resetting it actually fixes it.

Comment Re:"the smart TV appears to be infected..." (Score 1) 295

Or it could be the instant gratification / shortcut / must go faster mentality. People don't read EULAs because they are too long. Heck, most don't even read their receipts when they go shopping.

If you make it harder and make force people to actually read the instructions, then they whine and complain that they just want it to work. yadda yadda yadda, but when it breaks heaven forbid they actually read the steps or followed it through.

Comment Re:GOP stuck in the past in the pocket of big busi (Score 1) 522

what really needs to happen is these a-holes and their family need to pay their own damn bills, and not get privileged special treatment from customer service reps. Oh your download speed seems slow, let me look into what's going on. (puts customer on hold for 10 minutes, flips through excuse calendar of the day, gets coffee, finishes Candy Craft level, and posts status update on FB.) Oh we're having sun spots issues and its effecting your neighborhood. (click)

Restrict their work offices to their definition of broadband. Maybe we will see more productivity out of Congress if their staff spend less time rewriting wikipedia articles.

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