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Submission + - Why Did You Get A Tablet? writes: I've never seen the need of a tablet, I've played with several (including the IPad's) and just never really found a real use for them that compelled me to want one other then the geek inside me who wants the latest gadgets (that was true until a week ago). So I'm curious what made people want a tablet?

My sudden shift in tablet greed came from a rather unexpected source. A little while ago, the android market hit 10 billion downloads and kicked off its 10 billion promotion, which included Adobe sketchbook. I figured "hey, i'll get it, should be a laugh". Later, this prompted me to look at stylus's again, and to date i've hated them all. From silly sausages to ridiculous brushes, i've had a chance to play with them and disliked them all. That was until I saw the Adonis Jot and I was intrigued enough that I figured I'd give it a go (its really not that expensive). It came and I was impressed, very very impressed with its accuracy and it has me now wanting a tablet simply because I often pull out bits of paper from the printer to jot down ideas on. This seems like a perfect replacement for that purpose — though an expensive one and i'd like to get more value form it then simply a paper-and-pen replacement.

Just for the record, I am not in any way affiliated with Adonis or their styli.

Submission + - Tablets and eReaders for Hackers, which one? writes: A vast number of the devices I've owned have been things I could hack, mostly bought simply because they were hackable. I've firmware-abused such devices as the WRT54G, NSLU2, Sheeva Plug, Andoird phones, various handhelds, etc and I've yet to regret purchasing a device simply for its ability to be modified in some unblessed-by-the-manufacturer way. As such ARM devices have certainly taken my eye for a number of years and lately both eReaders and Tablets have sparked a fair amount of interest (the combo devices have me really curious to say the least). Now with the sheer volume of devices currently hitting (or about to hit) the market in this area, from a hackers perspective which make you want to rush out and void some warranties?

Submission + - Intel VS Amd, Who would you WANT to win? writes: I've been watching the release of the Intel conroe processor with much vigor lately and the responce has been quite interesting.

For some reason everyone's casting doom and gloom messages for AMD and I can't say I really understand why. Intel and AMD have been one-upping each other on and off for a while now. It wasnt that long ago AMD was the "cheaper alternative", and then they started becoming, the cooler, faster alternative. To me they're not an "alternative" anymore, its simply a choice.

To me, the Intel Vs AMD struggle is one of the most pure and beautiful things in our industry (an industry hit with patents, dmca, law suits and underhanded tactics). Two fairly level competitors, going hammer and tongs to produce something that achieves essentially the exact same goal and doing a fine job at it. There are very few battles in our area of the global economy that seem so "straight up". The best part about it is both companies appear to be quite strong (as opposed to one loosing cause of their inability to fund their R&D or internal struggles with this or that, like the Dell Vs HP market).

I've never been pro nor anti either company and have had alot of both of their processors. Yes, I've even had the heat-strikken prescott hyper threading model which I had to buy a new case for, yet even that didn't turn me against Intel. But I've met Intel and AMD evangilists and both seem to hate their competitors with the same vigor I hate microsoft, and it makes me wonder how many people out there would love to see an end to either of these companies.

Personally, I want neighter to win. The battle they do only makes our CPU's cooler, faster and cheaper. Both companies seem fairly open to OSS and Linux, and both seem to be aiming at their competitor with real products rather trying to make their competitor less-able to compete. The nvidia v's ati battle is possibly the only other one out there that comes close to it for sheer "consumer wins" value. I really can't wait to see AMD's real answer to Intel's conroe (or maybe it'll be an answer to intels next generation of processors, who knows).

So why would you like to see one die off, and why?

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