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Comment Re:I am planning to move to NC (Score 1) 1167

He was appointed originally, but then had to run for election and won:
"He was [...] appointed by Governor Bill Ritter to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Ken Salazar when Salazar became Secretary of the Interior in January 2009. Bennet was re-elected in the 2010 Senate election where he defeated Republican Ken Buck."

Comment Re:The big difference (Score 1) 821

If, on the other hand, your notions of "improve energy efficiency" reduce to "everyone, everywhere, has to get rid of their old, inefficient devices and replace them RIGHT NOW with new, higher efficiency devices", then "improving energy efficiency" means hardship for all but the very rich everywhere.

Outside of some extreme fringe Eco-terrorists, who has ever supported this idea? Even this 'controversial' push to replace incandescent light bulbs is not going to force people to upgrade until their old light bulbs wear out.

Comment How come Google doesn't have something similar? (Score 1) 66

How come Google doesn't have something similar? With all the "free" stuff that google provides, it seems like this should be right up there alley. I still don't understand how Yahoo couldn't find value in having millions of people tagging web pages for you for free. It seems like this should be a fantastic data trove for search engines.

Comment Re:Search for error messages (Score 1) 220

I was part of a startup 10 years ago that was doing something like this. We used the DMOZ data to build a matrix of word frequency relationships to categories. Then when a user entered a query, we would determine the category, and send their query to a more specific search engine. For example, if they typed in 'beatles', we would identify this as a music query & send them results from Unfortunately around the time our product was getting usable, the dot-com crash happened, all of our funding dried up and we had to give up.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here.... (Score 1) 303

Actually, "US Manufacturing is alive and well. The real issue is manufacturing employment, which is dropping like a stone. And the reason for the drop is an increase in productivity. "

"Since 1960, the index of industrial production has risen from a little below 30 to its current level of about 100. And the increase is continual -- meaning the number didn't just hover around 30 for most of that time only to spike up in one big move. The index has continually risen over that entire period."

Classic Games (Games)

M.U.L.E. Is Back 110

jmp_nyc writes "The developers at Turborilla have remade the 1983 classic game M.U.L.E. The game is free, and has slightly updated graphics, but more or less the same gameplay as the original version. As with the original game, up to four players can play against each other (or fewer than four with AI players taking the other spots). Unlike the original version, the four players can play against each other online. For those of you not familiar with M.U.L.E., it was one of the earliest economic simulation games, revolving around the colonization of the fictitious planet Irata (Atari spelled backwards). I have fond memories of spending what seemed like days at a time playing the game, as it's quite addictive, with the gameplay seeming simpler than it turns out to be. I'm sure I'm not the only Slashdotter who had a nasty M.U.L.E. addiction back in the day and would like a dose of nostalgia every now and then."

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