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Comment Idle or not, very stupid and suggestive article (Score 2, Insightful) 85

Most of the article focuses on 1 billion vs 3-legged dogs. Only the last paragraph mentions that a total of 16000 researchers will be funded. I'm quite sure some of the remaining 15995 are doing something useful or interesting too, but somehow they neglect to mention this.

A typical example of modern media hyping things up, a submitter that makes it even worse, and a Slashdot editor who thinks what the heck it's summer lets put it on the front page.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 583

> ChromeOS is a good, fairly simple example of how to do away with malware (ONCE AND FOR ALL

Hmmm. The Chrome browser already had it's share of vulnerabilities. It sounds like you are claiming that by wrapping it in a new OS this suddenly no longer can or will happen.

On top of that, no matter how good the OS might be that they started with, they are turning it upside down and inside out which I think will not improve initial quality or security either.

And think of this: If there ever will be a keylogger for ChromeOS it will be as profitable as with any other OS. Or even more profitable, because every action logged is web-related and therefore possibly exploitable, whereas on a regular OS my days worth of local Photoshop work and editing my thesis are useless crap for a logger to ignore while looking for the good stuff.

I will certainly give ChromeOS a try, but it will not be for the reasons that you mention.

Comment Standard IE functionality...? (Score 5, Informative) 230

Most if not all versions of IE (6+, and probably older ones too) have a feature called search from address bar. With this setting enabled, anything typed in the address bar which does not resolve to a website, is passed on to the default search engine, whichever that may be.
Perhaps a recent update turned this feature ON for people who had it turned OFF? But the feature itself is most definitely not new or news.

Submission + - Apache Sends Open Letter To Sun

IIO writes: "The Java portion of the blogosphere was abuzz in the last several days over an open letter that Geir Magnusson Jr. of Apache Software Foundation sent to Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems. At issue is the "field of use" restriction in the licensing terms of Sun's Java Compatibility Kit that Sun offers to Apache, which Apache deems "totally unacceptable." Sun's response is here. A unbiassed analysis of the dispute can be found here."

Submission + - Microsoft will soon announce a bid for FSF

A. C. writes: The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, has announced (in a soon to be published interview) that Microsoft will in the near future place a bid for Free Software Foundation and propably OSTG too. Mr. Ballmer is quoted for calmly saying "Since we obviously can't kill them, we simply will buy them and then either shut them down or assimilate them." He was especially cheerfull with the perspective of closing the vipers nest (Slashdot) down. Mr. Torvalds will propably be given the possibility of continuing as the chief engineer on the new Microsoft United Linux project. Mr. Ballmer couldn't however say if there would be place for mr. Stallmann at Microsoft.

I've got some bad mushrooms... what's your excuse ?

Submission + - Gmail offers paper email delivery

juicejar writes: "Gmail has finally got with the program. You can now receive a paper mail of your email messages. Allow 2-4 business days for delivery! "I've always felt uneasy about the whole internet thing. With the help of Gmail Paper, now I'm taking matters back into my own hands, literally." Kevin S., CEO AdventaStar Inc. Everyone should go check it out now!"

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