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Comment Germany (Score 1) 1004

I live in Germany... Firstly, every legal source for anything is blocked here by a fascist organization called GEMA. Secondly all TV programs have German voice overs which make them unbearable to watch. Thirdly, the Game of Thrones airs here more than 6 months after the original airing in the US. So yeah. I torrent it. Then again If I had an alternative that was as easy as torrenting TV shows I'd gladly pay a reasonable fee for it. Sadly there are no legal sources.

Comment Re:Android (Score 2) 447

I know we all love stock Android especially ICS but I don't think that would have saved Nokia. What I would think would have though if them keep making great HW and put Android on it with a skin that would feel familiar to Symbian users. Keep Nokia branding strong and make sure to port everything from Ovi Symbian store to Android. That would have kept the massive numbers of Symbian users happy with the next gen phones and also brought all the Android benefits to Nokia phones. That would also keep the differentiation Elop keep talking about.. Now the differentiation is one or two Nokia branded squares on WP interface. Bah...

Submission + - TV Industry Next in Line for Industrywide Shakeup (androiduipatterns.com)

pjlehtim writes: "In a recent interview Samsung's AV product manager Chris Moseley said: "TVs are ultimately about picture quality. ... and there is no way that anyone, new or old, can come along this year or next year and beat us on picture quality." Sounds familiar? We must change the way we perceive TVs role in ecosystem before general public starts to care about the smart TVs they are trying to push. That changes is likely to come outside the traditional home entertainment industry. It's not about technology. It is about user experience, again."

Comment Re:the phone reports it (Score 1) 228

I've written a blog post about various methods Android framework provides to devs to support multiple screens. http://www.androiduipatterns.com/2011/05/designing-scalable-android-apps.html These tools aren't new. Then again we do expect to see more utilities and components like automatically adapting Action Bar featured in one of the pictures.

Comment Different UI conventions (Score 3, Informative) 168

Android and iOS have very different UI conventions. TFA mentions the problem but then ignores it. By using PhoneGap (or any of the other similar products) you still need to build two different apps if you want to get good results. Just look at PhoneGap's featured apps examples. Almost every single one of them is written for iOS. If you bring them to Android users wont accept them as native. They will feel wrong. I wrote a post about this very problem into my blog few weeks back: http://www.androiduipatterns.com/2011/06/differences-between-android-and-ios-ui.html Benefit of PhoneGap etc. is that you can use web technologies to write the apps. It is a false hope, though, if you expect to "write once, run everywhere". Juhani

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