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Comment Re:AP Stats is the easy AP math (Score 1) 155

I think you are speaking of statistics generally. I am speaking of the AP Statistics course. It doesn't matter what statistics is. It only matters what college admissions officers will think when they read the list of AP courses on your transcripts. Or, rather, it matters what parents and students think colleges will think when colleges read their transcripts. For most parents and students, AP Stats is a math course and they've heard it's easier than AP Calculus. Choosing AP courses is a game, with the goal being to get into a good college. Learning something is a secondary objective.

Comment AP? (Score 5, Informative) 155

AP stands for Advanced Placement. The program intends to offer college-level courses to high school students. Each course culminates in a standard exam in the spring which is graded on a 1-5 scale. Some colleges award college credit to their students for AP courses they took in high school, depending on the score and the exam.

Comment AP Stats is the easy AP math (Score 2) 155

The role of AP Statistics is to offer an AP 'math' to students who don't stand a chance in AP Calculus, but who demand an AP math class on their transcript. Most do not consider AP Computer Science 'math' enough for it to play that role, hence the surge in AP Statistics. On top of that, AP Computer Science is perceived as being much harder than AP Statistics. For a Junior or Senior looking for a reliably easy AP, Computer Science is not the way to go.

Submission + - France's Minitel Network to Shut Down Saturday

pjhenley writes: According to the New York Times, France's Minitel network will shut down on Saturday. Launched in the early 1980's, the network allowed the French citizenry to book train tickets, check stock prices, even register cattle, before widespread adoption of the internet.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony to add TV tuner, DVR to PS3

pjhenley writes: Sony has announced that they will add digital TV and DVR capabilities to the PS3 in Europe. TV can also be watched on a PSP using "remote play" over WiFi or via downloaded recordings. You can read the press release on the semi-official Sony UK blog. Engadget has some details as well.

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