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Submission + - Wifi Walled Garden

pjbaldes writes: "I am interested in serving one single web page,(maximum of maybe 2mb) and nothing else, no access to the wider internet, from a portable wifi router. I have several linksys wrt54g base stations and was hoping I could use them, but I am willing to purchase something that might work better. I have experimented with Neighbornode and have been reading about the coova firmware, but I am not really sure where to begin with getting them to do what I want them to do. Their primary purpose seems to be to "capture" a person who accesses their network, forcing them to login and maybe visit a particular message board before leaving them to normal internet browsing. I would like to use the "capture" feature, sans login, and send them to my page, where they would dead end. The page would display simple html and images only, but the option of serving other embedded media(qt and flash) would be nice and should be possible if they are small enough to be stored on the hardware. I know the routers can act as a server since the router software interface is all served from them. Here is how I would like it to work. User "sees" my network, chooses to use my network, attempts to access a webpage and are forwarded to my art project, any other http requests send them back to my page, perhaps through a 404 page..... as I type this I realize that this could also be used to hack and I assure you, this is for a project, sans the larger net part. I would like to be able to wear the router and power it with batteries and explore the idea of geographically discrete media and art. Any advice, ideas, or collaborators are welcome. Thanks pete baldes"

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