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Journal Journal: Boise State Broncos Fiesta Win

Wow, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl was one of the biggest thrillers ever! Boise State 43 Oklahoma 42. BSU ends the season undefeated, going 13-0 with a BCS win against the Big 12 Champ Oklahoma.

BSU dominated the first three quarters, showing they belonged in the big game. They completely shut down future pro running back Adrian Peterson. It look like BSU was going to run away with the game, leading 28-10.

But then Oklahoma roared back getting 3 turnovers, and scoring 25 straight points to take a 7 point lead with a minute to go.

Now it looked like the game was really over, the BSU joyride was almost to an end. But boy oh boy was there more to come. With time running out and 4th and 18, BSU scored a TD with a 50 yard hook and ladder play to send the game into overtime.

BSU won the overtime toss. They would touch the ball second. That would prove to be huge.

In overtime Oklahoma scored on their first touch on a 25 yard run play by Adrian Peterson to go back up by 7. BSU had completely shut down Peterson during regulation, holding him to an average of under 3 yards a carry, but it was now obvious the smaller WAC school defense was running out of steam.

But the offense had more to give, BSU answered with another trick play on another 4th down- Wide Receiver Vinny Perretta's touchdown pass to Derek Schouman. Then BSU put all the chips on the table and went for 2 points for the win. And it paid off! On the 'Statue of Liberty' play QB Zabransky faked a throw to the right side, then handed the ball off to Ian Johnson, who ran unopposed to the end zone.

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. What a game. This one will go into the books as one of the best ever. BSU proved all the nay sayers wrong. :)

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Journal Journal: scripture memorization 2

I've started memorizing scripture over the past year. It's amazing how much you can digest if you only do a few verses a week. Over the last 10 months I've learned the following:

Exodus 20:1-17 (10 commandments)
psalms 121
psalms 139
Romans 8 (awesome chapter)
Romans 12
Philippians 2:1-12

I'm working on 1 Cor 13 right now (love is patient, love is kind...). It'd be nice to close out the year with the Christmas story from Luke, and mabye part of Matthew too (with the wise men, Herod etc.) - so that's my goal for Nov-Dec.

I've always struggled with regular Bible reading, but commiting to memorization has really helped out. This last year has been the best year in my Christian walk in a long time.

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Journal Journal: Boise State University and the BCS

Boise State will (most likely) not be playing in a BCS bowl game. They should be. Consider the following.

-BSU has the longest winning streak in College football. They have had a couple of close games, but the bottom line is they got the job done and are undefeated.

-BSU spanked TCU in their bowl game last year. BSU is undefeated in post season bowl games.

-Common opponent #1 LA Tech: BSU 55 - LA Tech 14. Auburn 52 - LA Tech 7. Miami 48 - LA Tech 0. So BSU beats LA Tech by comparable margins to #3 Auburn, and #10 Miami, and they threw up more points on LA Tech than either of the other schools did.

-Common Opponent #2 Oregon State. BSU 53 - OSU 34. USC 28 - OSU 20. So, BSU gave OSU a spanking, while #1 team in the nation USC had a close game.

-BSU is undefeated lifetime against #6 Utah.

-Automatic birth for the Big East. Pittsburg is going to a BCS game? What the hey? Why does the Big East still get an automatic BCS birth, when all the good schools have already left the conference? Pittsburg is coming in with three losses.

The bottom line is the BCS is a joke - Sure the top teams belong there (USC, OU, Auburn). But the rest of the BCS teams there are not all that great. It's a bunch of political nonsense.

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Journal Journal: Gay Marriage Amendments - Breakdown by state

All states with initiatives have resoundingly rejected the concept of gay marriage*. The closest margin was Oregon, where the amendment still passed by 14%. The widest margin was in Mississippi (86% to 14% - an astounding 6 to 1 result).

Arkansas 75% 25%

Georgia 77% 23%

Kentucky 75% 25%

Michigan 59% 41%

Mississippi 86% 14%

Montana 66% 34%

North Dakota 73% 27%

Ohio 62% 38%

Oklahoma 76% 24%

Oregon 57% 43%

Utah 66% 34%

Missouri 71% 29% (Vote was in August)

Louisiana 78% 22%(Vote was in September)

*Results as of 11AM MST 11/03/04

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Journal Journal: Why Bush Won

This is an excellent take on why Bush won from Newsmax:

Yesterday the American nation voted decisively to re-elect George W. president. It was supposed to be among the closest races in our history. But the pundits and pollsters were wrong. The exit polls were really wrong.

So, what happened?

On the face of it, the media elites did not factor in the strong Christian vote in the nation. For all the hoopla we have been hearing from the media about new voters, cell phone voters and young voters, the evidence suggests they never materialized.

Yet conservative Christians turned out in droves. They turned out because they are worried about the cultural re-engineering in America. They like Bush. They didn't trust Kerry.

Last night, MSNBC reported that 21 percent of Americans said "moral issues" were the biggest factor in their vote decision - more than those who said the economy or the war on terror. How come we never saw this discussed in any polls before Election Day? Clearly the media weren't including the Christian vote because it didn't fit their agenda.

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Journal Journal: Modified Firefox icon

A few days back someone (couldn't find the post) on /. mentioned that the new icon for the Firefox browser looks like the fox is shagging the IE icon.

Well, that got me thinking, an icon where the fox really was shagging IE would be cool.

So here it is


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Journal Journal: Return of the King

This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. Having stated that, there were a few annoyances I had with the movie.

1) They turn Denethor into a complete prick. In the book, Denethor is a good and honorable man who goes mad because he is under too much pressure contesting the will of Sauron. The movie doesn't portry this. It makes him out to be selfish, a glutton, power hungry and cruel.

2)Gandalf is a character who should always moral and above the board. However, in the movie he begins to use an ends-justify-the-means approach. He usurps control of Gondor, and doesn't consult anyone else in the city.

Other than that, I thought the movie was stellar. Arwen was annyoing at times again, but she wasn't in the movie much. I understand why they cut out the "scouring of the Shire", but that would have been cool to see too, as it shows how the hobbits are now able to take care of themselves. Overall I give it 5 stars out of 5. :) *****

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Journal Journal: Tips for Peter Jackson - how to win an Oscar for LOTR

Tips for Peter Jackson - How to win an Oscar for Lord of the Rings
-The shorts have got to go dude. Wear a revealing outfit to the ceremony.
-A graphic Aragorn / Arwen sex seen is a must.
-Frodo needs to explore the male side of his sexuality.
-Put swastikas on the orc uniforms.
-Show how the hobbits have overcome institutional height discrimination.
-Have Miramax distribute your film instead of New Line.
-Change the setting from Middle Earth to Europe 1944.
-Change the actors. Try the following: Frodo=Tom Hanks, Aragorn=Kevin Costner, Sam=Jack Nicholson, Arwen=Sally Field, Eowyn=Meryl Streep, Gollum's voice=James Earl Jones.

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