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Comment Re:Solidarity (Score 4, Insightful) 440

The irony is that the communist government likely in many instances uses the same reasoning to explain to the people their reasons for doing what they do. (Papers please!) When you flip a coin over, it may have a different picture to appease you into thinking it is something different, but in reality it is only the other side of the same thing.

Comment Robotic Death (Score 1) 372

It could be a golden age -- or a Darwinian nightmare -- it all depends on how we deal with this as a society. I fear that the Wealthiest, are too busy trying to create a police state and already look upon the teaming masses as useless eaters.

I picture China and other communist countries having less issues than us adjusting. It is probably right that they are one of the first countries to really employ robots. Though, It will be unfortunate if Foxconn forces the robots to suicide, too.

Comment Re:Whiners... (Score 1) 574

Netflix shows proof of another concept that people like to gloss over: sometimes when you buy a movie all you want to pay for is the movie. The extras do not come free and add no real value in most cases. Downloaded movies (legal or not) is the only place you can get the movie in great quality with no excess crap. It does not cost $10 extra dollars a movie to encode it at a higher bitrate with a higher resolution.

Comment Re:Insufficient Alternatives (Score 2) 292

The fact that the US Government doesn't trust American citizens to do the right thing in a plane hostage situation is a telling. After 9/11, does anybody think US citizens on a plane will just be sheep in a hostage situation? That is the one and only reason there hasn't been any hijackings at all after 9/11. Once you're in the air, the TSA means crap.

Comment Re:Funny about PayPal making a claim like that. (Score 1) 391

I sold something for about $1000 on Paypal a few months ago. I kept the money in paypal in case I had to do a return thinking it was the honest thing to do. Ended up doing a return later, and the return took the money from my bank account instead of paypal. The timing was so that I had no money for anything for 4 days because they emptied out my bank account. I also happened to have no gas or food in the fridge. The paypal fuckers can die in hell. Do not touch paypal people. Ebay is just about as bad.

Comment Re:But the Best Buy guy said it does (Score 1) 664

This is the symptom of ignorant shoppers wanting black-and-white answers- even if they are wrong because they have someone they can blame things on. I was in a radio shack back when DVD-R was a new thing and asked if DVD-R+ would work in a DVD-R- burner. The person at the counter said it would. That is not something I should have heard on a non-returnable item.

Comment Something happening to yourself vs someone else (Score 2) 457

That the person is 90, a woman, or a breast cancer survivor shouldn't matter. Perhaps the "book" should be rewritten so that a 20-year-old bra-wearing drag queen otherwise in the same situation shouldn't have to remove his bra, just like the old woman shouldn't have to. Randomly deciding some people aren't dangerous is dangerous.

May your wife have breast cancer and she be groped every time she goes through the airport and force you to listen to her bitching about it for the next few days after. That is the real boat that people are in right now, but because it is happening to other people and not yourself you can shrug it off. You would be amazed how much your wife will effect your opinion over time.

Passengers at airports get the shit end of the stick right now. You don't deal with this kind of crap on any other form of mass transportation. This disparity is a magnitudes larger issue than the "randomly deciding that certain people aren't dangerous" problem and serves to further highlight that something is very very wrong.

Comment Re:What timing... (Score 1) 412

Approving men raping other men in prisons is wrong DaveV1.0. It's not even appropriate as a joke. The act likely screws people up so bad that they have problems returning to society which is not what prisons is for. Especially if going to prisons starts meaning you get aids.

Comment Because of the shits piggy packing on medicaid (Score 1) 950

as free health insurance, I can't get a doctor so he can write a note that I had my leg amputated. It's the kind of thing needed for getting a prosthetic leg and the leg is needed for work. Something that takes 5 minutes to write. Fuck you world. I can't even get an handicapped sticker because of the nimrods who run into the hospital when they have a slight cough.

Comment Also like Mac OS X... (Score 1) 272

Gnome 3 was developed for good keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to mouse everything. Tapping the window key is a lot easier than dragging your mouse to the corner. You also now have alt-tab and alt-~ to play with. But you have to get over your fear of the keyboard.

The odd thing that I have noticed is that the people who complain the most about clicks seem to have the greatest fear of the keyboard. :-/

Comment Bad idea (Score 1) 502

I think a lot of people fail to see the larger picture. We aren't all from Texas and the US isn't the wild west anymore. We are dealing with large groups of people and not a one-on-one gunfight.

Longer term, jailing Osama and putting him on world trial, a terrorist who would only be proud dying for his cause, would have been the largest blow to the terrorist psyche. He would be paraded around as an example. Shooting him would have just created another martyr, incentivizing more people to hate the evil US of A.

Longer term, shooting Osama would lead to more US deaths not less just to satisfy some sense of payback a lot of Americans want to satisfy but can't come to terms with.

Comment Yay for Wii-motion-plus level accuracy (Score 3, Interesting) 86

You would think they would be able to do better than 90%. With that accuracy you would fall down the stairs at least 1 out of every 10 times you go down them.

I recently dumped the C-Leg for a general mechanical leg because it drove me nuts how I had no say how the C-Leg tried to guess what I was doing... and if it didn't know, it would go into geriactric safety mode. I don't plan on using another knee that I have to recharge until this kind of tech actually comes to fruitation. I have a feeling it will be another 5 to 10 years.

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