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Comment Re:X session switching (Score 2, Informative) 865

You have to install it yourself, from a script, but works perfectly for playing full screen games and being able to get back to the desktop quickly. After you install the script, you just add " start" to the front of your launcher commands such as this: start wine "/media/DATA/programs/Warcraft III/War3.exe"

Then you use ctrl+alt+f7 and ctrl+alt+f12 to pop in and out. Very handy if you need to adjust the volume. Also handy as a boss key! You leave the game, it keeps running, and there is no trace of it visually.

I use it every day for over a year, and recommend it. I got it from an ubuntu forum thread. Here is the link: Just take it from the first post, he edits it and it is up-to-date.

Comment fsck (Score 1) 865

fsck needs fixing.


- ask before doing a slow check because of a reboot count. Someone could miss an online game!

- if the / drive needs checking while not mounted, then make it so. Don't make me pull out the cd and type "e2fsk -y /dev/sda1". Is it a security thing or what? It sure kills the experience for regular non-techie users.

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