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Comment Re: backup! (Score 1) 290

There was already a rearview mirror. Adding the rearview camera makes it safer because you get a better view than the EXISTING rearview mirror can give you. Are you saying that rearview cameras don't save lives? The side view is exactly the same thing. As for hindrance of side mirrors, that's wind resistance and it's not Insignificant.

Comment Re: backup! (Score 1) 290

There's this thing called a rearview mirror so there was already a mirror that a camera replaced. That the mirror still exists is irrelevant as it isn't the hindrance that side view mirrors are. It's certainly positioned better as will the side view camera(s).

Comment Re: backup! (Score 1) 290

Citation that seatbelts save lives? Just wow. But for the cameras tech allows much better view than a mirror can. It can highlight the car in the view making missing it in rain or fog less likely. The camera is much less likely to ice over than a static mirror which has a larger surface area to keep clean. Backup cameras are the same thing and seeing what's behind you before you run over it most definitely saves lives.

Comment Re: It's all fun and games (Score 4, Interesting) 290

How about folding mirrors with a fish eye type lens on the end. Folds for video operation giving all the benefits and folds out if it ever fails allowing 'normal' mirror usage. Or I'm sure someone will invent the mirror equivalent of a donut spare. Something you pull from the trunk and latch on the car in the normal place.

Comment Re: employees (Score 1) 183

Given how often McDs serves up burgers that are totally misaligned now, the robots don't have that high a bar to clear.

I was probably referring more to the taste/smell aspect. Visual presentation is also a part but that's my point. The robot will be programmed and engineered to always drop the bun in the same place.

And quality control is simply a matter of lasers and pattern recognition that already exists, it's not that hard to put together. Hell if someone can take an arduino, a toy squirt gun and video processing to recognize squirrels AND hit them with the stream in real time...that's a pretty significant creation done by a hobbyist.

Comment Re: employees (Score 1) 183

'properly' means to health code, not taste. A robot is much better suited to checking the internal temp of meat than a human. It's already done by a 'robot' now, i.e. a thermometer. Except in restaurants they use 'process' to not check this on each individual order for time savings. Human's following 'process' are notoriously unreliable.

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