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Comment Re:I'd like a VPN in to China... (Score 1) 90

Err...exactly what you see.... A few sites are blocked (they return an HTTP error), some sites are just excruciatingly slow (Google sites at present), most are exactly the same. And a VPN solves the first two issues. Do bear in mind that the vast majority of Chinese citizens don't really speak much English, so if you want to see what the locals look at, it would be in Chinese! And the Chinese internet ecosystem is far more vibrant then most, wechat, line, qq, baidu etc etc. Honestly - China is really not that different to anywhere Shanghai (where I live), you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and any other large international cities (except that Shanghai has more Maseratis, Porsches, Ferraris, LV shops, high class shopping centers than anywhere else in the world I've been. As an expat, we are most definitely not the rich people.

More Evidence For Steam Games On Linux 256

SheeEttin writes "Back in November 2008, Phoronix reported that Linux libraries appeared in the Left 4 Dead demo, and then in March, Valve announced that Steam and the Source engine were coming to Mac OS X. Now, Phoronix reports that launcher scripts included with the (closed beta) Mac version of Steam include explicit support for launching a Linux version."
PlayStation (Games)

PlayStation Network Expanding To Involve Other Devices 63

At CES, Sony's Kaz Hirai confirmed that the company will build out its PlayStation Network for use with other devices, such as televisions, Blu-ray players, and PCs. Quoting: "... the expansion starts next month with the availability of the PSN video store on these other devices, and Hirai explained they are constructing a mechanism to create a single user ID across the entire network (if you have a PSN account, it's good to go on any other applicable Sony device, and if you create one on another device, it'll work on PSN). And finally, Hirai also announced the formation of a new Sony division — called Sony Network Entertainment, Inc. — to drive this expansion of the PSN service into a Sony-wide network."
Emulation (Games)

Nintendo Upset Over Nokia Game Emulation Video 189

An anonymous reader writes "Nintendo is investigating potential copyright infringement by Nokia during some video demos of their N900 phone, which can be seen emulating Nintendo games. Nintendo spokesman Robert Saunders says: 'We take rigorous steps to protect our IP and our legal team will examine this to determine if any infringement has taken place.' In the video, Nokia says, 'Most publishers allow individual title usage, provided that the user is in possession of the original title.'"

2.0 Beta Chrome On Windows, Chromium On Linux 258

AlienRancher writes "Google launched this morning a new beta version of Chrome 2.0: 'The best thing about this new beta is speed — it's 25% faster on our V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to our original beta version.' Other enhancements include user script support (greasemonkey-like) and form auto-fill." And reader Lee Mathews adds news of the open source version, Chromium, on Linux: "Not only has Chromium gotten easier to take for a test drive thanks to the personal package archive for Ubuntu Chrome daily build team, but development on the browser is also progressing nicely. Despite being a very early build, Chromium on Linux feels solid and boasts the same blazing speed the Windows users have been enjoying for months."

Comment Re:H1-b's old news; offshore the new hip thing (Score 1) 623

Sorry - but this misses the point. Yes, I guess that some US business will end up being serviced by people from off-shore, but actually not much. The reality is that the business is moving off-shore. The US no longer warrants having the huge percentage of the IBM employee base that it has as it no longer has the business from the US that would justify it. Countries like Brazil, China, India, Russia are growing much faster. So I would more regard this as moving the people to where the business is....and yes, there are some functions that could be done anywhere (such as development) - and why shouldn't other countries be given the opportunity to develop products for the world as well as the US, especially as they can do it for less.

IBM is a true international company, with commitments all over the world. The US still has the vast majority of the employees.

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