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Submission + - Hacker Space Festival splits across locations ( 1

lekernel writes: After the success of the second Hacker Space Festival, the international community of hackers are invited to participate in the multiple events of the third edition. Hackito Ergo Sum (Paris, April 8-10) will be your usual security conference. Breizh Entropy Congress (Rennes, April 15-17, submission deadline March 16) is an eclectic event themed around free culture and technologies. Les Contorsions Technologiques (Paris, May 1st, submission deadline March 20) focuses on DIY hardware. Tetalab Hacker Space Festival (Toulouse, May 28-30) will consist in conferences and workshops revolving around hackerspaces activities. Eventually, Estive Numérique (Southern Alps countryside, July 20-26) will be about autonomy and self-sufficiency in the digital age. With such events blossoming, France looks like the place to be during the next months!

Comment Re:Hey Government: LAWS ARE NOT FOR FIXING TECH (Score 1) 447

> It's that old guns don't kill people, people kill people thing.
Still, a gun is a pretty quick, easy and sure way to kill someone. Imagine: you're really pissed off, and only a trigger away from "instant satisfaction". It's ... a bit too easy !
Maybe if you have no gun, you're not gonna kill the guy ? Maybe just punch him in the face ? Or maybe not even that, knowing that a non-dead, non-dying person can probably retaliate ?

So yeah, right, people kill people, but more people kill more people when lethal tools are readily available.

Back to the point ... cookies don't track people, people track people... which is *wrong* in some cases, and this law basically creates a way to go after the people abusing the system. There's absolutely zero chance of an entire industry going out of business here.

And come on, ban hammers ? How old are you, 5 ?

Insightful ? My sweet, crispy, BBQ-flavored ass !

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