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Comment Jamming & Signature (Score 2) 130

Based on the weakness of the signal strength and the low cost of GPS jamming equipment (>$69 for something that actually works) how secure is this solution? Beyond that would there be significant electronic signature to detect such devices considering the lack of background interference? Is there such thing as a long distance metal detector? Not knocking progress, just interested.

Comment Commodity (Score 1) 223

Is the whole idea behind the beautification of hardware to appeal to the brand whores and fashion followers like in the mobile/cellular market?

Once you have a machine which fulfils you needs (which in most cases is web browsing and work processing) why upgrade? Because your friends have the latest style, the coolest colour and different shape one would have to assume.

We'll just end up in the same place as I feel the mobile market is now. It looks pretty, you have to have be carrying latest model but be damned if you can pickup a call without waiting ages for the pretty interface to show.

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