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Comment Wordpress is crap (Score 1) 145

Wordpress is the most popular web publishing platform and, IMHO one of the worst implemented pieces software. Last time I looked their coding practices were ancient (even by PHP standards). I know that popular stuff attracts crappy coders, but it's so crappy that it either will force you to write crap or frustrate you so much that you don't even care.

The wordpress phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. I know it's nothing special, cause there's probably tons of crap in proprietary closed-source software that's even more popular - but then at least you can't see it.

The only fix is a rewrite and they won't do it because it would break compatibility. (Or something?)

DISCLAIMER: This post may be based on outdated knowledge. Maybe wordpress is state-of-the-art now with their shiny, perfect codebase.

Comment Re:But can you play Crysis on it? (Score 1) 286

Most importantly the 8ms figure that most manufacturers state is the G2G time, meaning the time it takes for a pixel to change colour from grey to another shade of grey. It's doesn't directly translate to response time. I don't know about others but I see a lot of blur on my 8ms monitor when playing games at 60fps (when a large area of the screen refreshes). It was a lot less noticeable when I had a GPU which was mostly capable of ~30fps.

BTW The constant V-Sync problems that are plaguing today's games are ludicrous. You thought that they would've fixed this by now. But instead the whole pipeline gets more parallel, everything's being deferred and it's harder to maintain smooth motion.

Comment Re:It has to be said (Score 1) 305

Fair point. As far as I remember most of Id games were OpenGL first. And one counter example disproves the point. If OpenGL could perform well with "something as dynamic as a video game" few years ago then I doubt that it regressed by now.

But everything is possible in the software world.

If we're talking API, not implementation then look at all the mobile OpenGL ES stuff (who uses fixed function pipeline nowadays?).

As far as the implementation is concerned - I don't know about windows. But the OpenGL that comes with nvidia binary linux blob is quite good.

In the end it all comes down to the GPU manufacturers - do they care enough to implement the specs properly. I don't think that the API is so poorly designed that this design would prevent OpenGL from driving games. It's just a little more than an interface to shaders (contrary to DirectX BTW).

Comment Re:Don't Care (Score 2) 413

Since when a huge multinational corporation has a conscience?

The purpose of this order is so that apple informs its customers that samsung did not infringe. If you look at it this way then it really doesn't matter if anybody at apple believes it or not.

Comment Re:This just in.... (Score 1) 309

I think that your logic is a bit flawed here. If you charged $.50 for every download and it was the price (not a voluntary donation) then the stats would be different.

IMHO You can't compare free (as in beer) software (whose author accepts donations) to paid (but reasonably) entertainment.

If you cannot obtain something legally without paying that brings another set of incentives to the table.

Comment Re:No real difference (Score 2) 398

I just played with it for a while and it feels way much more snappier and responsive. The application start perceivably faster. That is the thing that nobody benchmarks, but it could be benchmarked with a clever approach.

That's why everybody says MacOS is so fast - because it *feels* snappier not because 10GB files copies faster. That's what the developers should strive for, not a win in some synthetic "how long does it take to do X" benchmarks.

BTW In my definition responsiveness, loosely, is the time between taking an action and receiving feedback.

DISCLAIMER: I am a hardcore linux user and occasional window 7 user.

Comment KDE, OpenSuse? (Score 4, Informative) 448

I would go with KDE, it's kind of similar (but way more powerful) to Windows in many ways. With a bit of tweaking (ie. double-click) you could make it pretty cosy for ex-MS users.

KDE is very polished now, no show-stopping or other annoying bugs. Personally - I use Arch, but thats not viable for someone who is not a power user.
You should search for a distro that has KDE by default (as the main DE), because offshoots like kubuntu have pretty poor integration and many features are broken. Taking this into consideration I think that OpenSuse would be a good choice.

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