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Comment Welcome to the club (Score 1) 239

Well, hard times for these guys. They have tons of data with next to no noise, errors or uncertainty. I can name 20 people i know personally that would love datasets like that for their research. Am I the only one seeing it this way? Shame you didn't buy the hard drives 4 months ago though. Tough break.

Comment Keyswitches matter (Score 1) 235

I really don't think it matters how your keyboard is laid out. What I think does matter is that it has mechanical switches. This makes a huge difference in typing, allows you to put less strain on your fingers (you don't have to bottom out the keys) and also drowns out the sound of the guy next to you (and pretty much everything else).
Getting a keyboard with blank keycaps has really improved my typing speed. It forces you to touch-type which is another skill that will pay dividends.
I personally use a Das Keyboard Ultimate S since it was the only one easily available where I live. It is hands down the best investment I have made when it comes to comfort at work. If you prefer something different then look for Cherry blue switches which seems to be the favorite of most. If you really want to get into the keyboard porn thing then go here:

Submission + - AMD's details its first 8-core desktop processors (

angry tapir writes: "Details about Advanced Micro Devices' first eight-core desktop processors, based on its Bulldozer architecture, have appeared on some retail sites ahead of their official launch. The FX-8150 and FX-8120 processors are part of the re-launched FX family of chips, which are pitched as high-performance parts aimed at gaming machines and other high-end systems. The FX chips are based on AMD's new Bulldozer architecture, which provides a speed boost of 50 percent or more compared to its predecessor, according to AMD."

Submission + - Vindicated: Ridiculed Israeli scientist wins Nobel (

sanzibar writes: The shy, 70-year-old Shechtman said he never doubted his findings and considered himself merely the latest in a long line of scientists who advanced their fields by challenging the conventional wisdom and were shunned by the establishment because of it. In 1982, Shechtman discovered what are now called "quasicrystals" — atoms arranged in patterns that seemed forbidden by nature. "I was thrown out of my research group. They said I brought shame on them with what I was saying," he recalled. "I never took it personally. I knew I was right and they were wrong."
Yes. Sometimes the consensus is wrong.


Submission + - Sprint confirms unlimited data for the iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: It was quick, and if you blinked, you may have missed it, but Apple announced yesterday that the iPhone is finally coming to Sprint.

Earlier today, Sprint today confirmed that they will maintain their unlimited data plans for iPhone users as the Kansas-based carrier hopes to lure users away from AT&T and Verizon.


Submission + - Monkeys Control Virtual Limbs With Their Minds (

sciencehabit writes: When it comes to prosthetic hands, you can't beat the one Luke Skywalker receives in The Empire Strikes Back. Not only did that robotic limb allow him to wield a lightsaber with great dexterity, each of his fingers twitched when a robot poked them. Although real-life brain-controlled prosthetics that enable a person to, say, pick up a pencil continue to improve for amputees, limbs that can actually feel touch sensations have remained a challenge. Now, by implanting electrodes into both the motor and the sensory areas of the brain, researchers have created a virtual prosthetic hand that monkeys control using only their minds, and that enables them to feel virtual textures.

Submission + - Steam VAC ban story, what do YOU think? 2

choke writes: "On or about 3 and a half years ago my then pre-teen son used an external program which caused him to get a "VAC Ban" on a game in my steam account.

The odd result, was that Valve banned -all- games on this particular account which used the same middleware as this game, which resulted numerous games being banned. Games which I had paid for in good faith, and had no record of violation. Furthermore, all FUTURE games that may be released with this middleware are also banned on this account.

Before I am duly excoriated for letting someone else use my account and whatnot, I should say that as a parent and at that time, I was hesitant to have my preteen child maintaining his own friends list and making arbitrary contact with the public, hence I would let him use my account on occasion. Steams parental controls are not particularly useful in that regard.

I won't defend the actions that got banned — I agree with the ban however, valve has chosen to exercise their power to also remove functionality from other paid games on my account, with zero recourse after numerous attempts to remedy the situation other than to 'purchase a new account' and repurchase -all- of the games which use this particular middleware.

This led me to think that if I had purchased those games elsewhere, I would not have lost access to them. And it made me hesitate when I thought of buying more games on Steam.

What do YOU think? Was it my just desserts for letting a child use my account? Are there other ways this could be handled by Valve?"

Submission + - Online Game Sales to Surpass Retail by 2013 (

donniebaseball23 writes: Digital has been growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to social gaming on PC and games for smartphones and tablets. This isn't about to slow down and in fact will be one of the largest drivers of growth for the games industry worldwide, which DFC Intelligence forecasts will hit $81 billion in 2016. The research firm predicts that online game sales will eclipse retail by 2013. "On a global basis it looks like retail delivery of physical software peaked in 2008. We expect a slow, steady decline for physical game sales, with a steady increase for online delivery of games and new business models such as subscriptions and virtual item sales," said DFC's David Cole.

Comment Shooting themselves in the foot (Score 1) 861

Of all recent films, this is probably one of those that benefited most from filesharing. The thing was completely unknown and one could make a strong case for part of the hype that got generated being thanks to filesharers who saw the film and passed the word around. I think that there will always be a status quo in the filesharing 'war' unless something dramatic happens which seems unlikely.

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