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Comment Re:Get the Little Schemer (Score 1) 759

I'm not sure if it is true, but new CS students at MIT used to have to learn Scheme as their first language.

I'm starting my 1st year in CompSci at Oxford, UK and we do nothing but Haskell for the whole first term, and then the most of the more theoretical courses (design and analysis of algorithms, for one) seem to be in Haskell for majority of the course.

Rest of the course is in a couple other languages including Java for the OO course and Oberon (I'd never heard of it either) for Imperative/Procedural course. After an afternoon working in Oberon, a language which provides the bare minimum of tools for anything, functional programming looks oh so pretty. I'd programmed in Java and Python and things before uni, but functional programming just has a really different way of looking at things, and it's really quite nice. If you want to try coding in a new way, I'd definitely go for it.

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