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Comment Re:Prisons are highly profitable (Score 2) 668

Instead of concentrating as much money as possible into 1% of the population, the same money could be in use by a much much larger middle class.

That's also where you will find the ones to pay for socialism. The poor can not pay for the aid they receive because they are poor. The rich avoid paying anywhere near a decent amount compared to their income or assets, even if it means moving to a different country. So the middle class is what supports a socialist system. And if you look at the countries with the happiest populations, you'll notice they have the largest proportion of middle class, and are welfare-states.

Socialism isn't a big on/off switch, it's a sliding scale of attempting to rectify the injustice of the powerful (rich) exploiting the powerless (poor).

Comment Re:If you don't care about people (Score 1) 420

I have been on the receiving end of that and I can tell you it is a terrible teaching method. I ended up quitting the class and taking the final exam separately, where I got top marks on my own. Certain few types of people may react well to that method, but everyone else gets to suffer.

How about avoiding a method that has such a high chance of harming students and instead let the motivated ones get on with learning.

Comment Re:Antitrust lawsuit? (Score 1) 436

at most, Apple is now in the same position, not worse.

Except the part where the app store will not allow java.. where is the app store for windows again?
(and yes, you can release apps outside the app store. For as long as they will allow it. Good luck convincing people to install when the app store becomes the only place people look for software for macs)

Comment Re:he's right (Score 1) 779

I don't disagree with the rest of your post, but I think you are falling for the propaganda when you mention the "far left"..
When was the last time you saw the word socialism used in a positive context in the US? And socialism is only moderately leftist.
In order to be moderate in the grand scheme of things you have to stand way to the left of the mainstream US polititics.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 324

I think that (at least in the case of counterstrike) you are missing the point.. It's no more a weapons simulator than Arnold was an instructor in the proper use of a minigun.

The fun is obviously playing the game within it's ruleset.
Maybe you also beleive there is no fun in chess because in real life enemy castles can't relocate straight into your territory and kill your king while he's out for an evening stroll.

Comment Re:Hold on (Score 1) 380

However, It is a real thing, and from what I understand is debilitating, humiliating

Oh please. It's only humiliating if she think's being aroused humiliates her. Whose fault is that? And if it's all she can think about to the point of being debilitating, perhaps she should change jobs to something that involves sex or sextoys and get filthy rich. It's not a problem unless she wants it to be.


GameStop, Other Retailers Subpoenaed Over Credit Card Information Sharing 117

New York State's Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, has subpoenaed a number of online retailers, including GameStop, Barnes & Noble, Ticketmaster and Staples, over the way they pass information to marketing firms while processing transactions. MSNBC explains the scenario thus: "You're on the site of a well-known retailer and you make a purchase. As soon as you complete the transaction a pop-up window appears. It offers a discount on your next purchase. Click on the ad and you are automatically redirected to another company's site where you are signed up for a buying club, travel club or credit card protection service. The yearly cost is usually $100 to $145. Here's where things really get smarmy. Even though you did not give that second company any account information, they will bill the credit or debit card number you used to make the original purchase. You didn't have to provide your account number because the 'trusted' retailer gave it to them for a cut of the action." While there is no law preventing this sort of behavior, Cuomo hopes the investigation will pressure these companies to change their ways, or at least inform customers when their information might be shared.

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