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Submission + - Man Jailed For Life Over Facebook Murder

piltdownman84 writes: "Brian Lewis, 31, of New Tredegar, Caerphilly county, has been jailed for life for killed mother-of-four Hayley Jones, 26, after she altered her facebook status from "married" to "single". Lewis accused her of chatting up men on Facebook an hour before he used a kitchen knife to stab his partner of 13 years through three layers of clothing and two sleeping bags."

Submission + - Canadain Man racks up $85k Mobile Phone Bill

piltdownman84 writes: "Piotr Staniaszek, a 22 year old oil field worker, recieved a $85,000 mobile phone bill from Bell Mobility. He thought his $10 unlimited mobile browser plan covered downloading high-definition movies using his phone as a modem, but he was very wrong. Bell Mobility has since lowered the bill to $3,243, a price that matches their best dataplan, but the man plans on fighting it claiming "I wasn't aware I would be charged for hooking up my phone to the computer"."

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