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Submission + - Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

pile0nades writes: "Orbiter is a Free As In Beer space flight sim. Ever wanted a game where you can fly to LEO, the Moon, Mars or whereever else you want? This is it, and it's done with realistic physics too. You can rendezvous and dock with ISS, reenter and land at Cape Canaveral. You can plot a course for Mars or any other planet using the TransX display. And there's no load screen between planets either. What's cool about this though, is if you go to Mars, you don't have to sit there for 6 months. There's a time acceleration feature that speeds up time by up to 100,000 x realtime (1 day goes by in less than a second), reducing the trip time to just a few minutes. It includes the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the futuristic DeltaGlider space plane, and the powerful cargo ship Shuttle-A (no relation to the Space Shuttle) as flyable ships, plus the tiny ShuttlePB (small personal ship) and the Dragonfly (for moving cargo and space station parts). Orbiter also has a huge number of addon ships and mods. Popular addons include the DeltaGliderIV, an advanced version of the stock DeltaGlider; OrbiterSound, which provides background and engine sounds; the Firefly from the movie Serenity; OuterPlanets, which adds many small moons of the outer planets not included in the base install. And yes, there's a Pluto addon too. For managing addon installs, I use the simple JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler."

Submission + - Modern Technology Reveals Mummy's Past

mamamia writes: The baby mummy had a European mom, and likely came from a wealthy family. But where he lived and why he died — and at such a young age — remain a mystery. The mummy, exhibited for the first time Thursday at the Saint Louis Science Center, has been the year-long focus of an international team of investigators. The museum said it may be the most extensive research project ever undertaken on a child mummy.

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