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Comment Kind of like drug testing (Score 1) 550

I had one job offer that would have required me to take a drug test in order to take the job. While I knew that I would pass, I felt that it was something that I would never do for a job. I told the company that if my word that I don't do drugs was not good enough for them, then there was no point in hiring me. I walked away from the whole thing. Honestly, if you don't like the requirements to get the job, don't take the job.

Comment Re:Pop up the error message in a box... (Score 1) 951

This is an idea that Jef Raskin proposed in The Humane Interface. Not necessarily changing the key combination to hit, but forcing the user to type something that is in the dialog box. You may not want this type of dialog box for all dialog boxes, but it would certainly be useful for dialog boxes containing critical information.

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Submission + - Fake Steve Jobs is out of the closet! (nytimes.com)

pikester writes: One of the great mysteries of our time has finally been solved. Finally, we can all sleep at night knowing that Daniel Lyons from Forbes is the guilty culprit. What do we have to look forward to now? The Secret Diary of Steve Wozniak?

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