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Comment Re:Apple Abandoned Me (Score 1) 228

The touch bar actually works a lot better in real life than in the ads. I saw a colleagues brand new MBP and the bar contains buttons for frequently used commands. Like function keys but so that the captions change from one app to another. I think it's semi useful.

But I was really disappointed that the machines did not gain any performance. That is what I was waiting for.

Comment Re:Taxation (Score 2) 302

Actually, EU member countries do have limits on what their level of taxation is. Specific taxes have specific minimum and maximum values. That is all part of the EU treaties. In my opinion, one of EU:s main achievements is its work against tax competition of countries.

But, let's keep in mind that Ireland joined EU and those treaties willingly and they can also leave EU if they so choose.

Comment Re:Why is this legal in Finland? (Score 1) 161

Getting rid of employees here in Finland is actually quite easy. There is a process you are legally bound to follow, but it just takes 60 days and the end result is that you can let go any employees you have. If you just have a single employee and want to sack him, that can be more difficult, but these massive layoffs are easy. For long time employees, you have to give several months notice when getting rid of them, but OTOH if you want they will work for you during that time.

"The safety net" gives a person living alone about 10%-20% of the salary of a typical tech worker, so most people want to work.

This latest round of MS job cuts is not trimming, they are ending the design of phones completely. There will be nothing left of the Nokia phone division. (The rest of Nokia that was not sold to MS is actually doing pretty well nowadays.)

Comment How will they then migrate to south in summer? (Score 4, Informative) 423

A well known event that happens every year in Europe is when people from Belgium and the Netherlands pack their stuff in their cars and migrate through Germany to southern Europe. This pisses of the Germans as their autobahns are stock full of cars. .. how will they continue to do this with cars that only move a few hundred km between recharges?

Submission + - Genome Map of Zika-Carrying Mosquito In Tatters ( 1

biobricks writes: Withconventional methods of controlling the kind of mosquito that carries the Zika virus proving ineffective,some of the nation’s leading mosquitoresearchers are striving to fix a decade-old mapof the insect’s DNAthat they say will help them fight it with its own genetic code.

Comment Re:Islam is a Problem (Score 1) 1011

Obviously why? because percentages? Here's one for you: Muslims make up 23% of the worlds population. That's 1.6 BILLION. And here you are condemning them all because of statistics from a country that houses 64 million of the world's population.
It's ludicrous.

Can you please quote me the paragraph where he condemns all 1.6 BILLION Muslims?

"Then it is obvious that Islam has a real problem and is a real threat to the civilized world." is not condemning all 1.6 BILLION Muslims. The religion is not the same as the people. And further "Islam has a real problem" does not mean that Islam could not stop to have a problem.

Do you think 1.6 BILLION Muslims are unable to join us on the 21st century with equality and universal human values? As humans, they are fully capable of doing that.

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